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Assassin’s Creed – 1/5 – There are things that almost always seem definitive.  One of those things is that all video games movies suck.  This has been the case in the many attempts at adapting material to the big screen.  No matter how much of a diverse appeal; it has failed in translation.  Assassin’s Creed is a film brimming with potential, but falls flat before it even starts.  In the end, it is what you would expect from a video game film.

Premise:  Abstergo abducts a man in attempt to find The Apple of Eden.

At the heart of this film should be the characters.  In the main cast, you have:

Michael Fassbender as Cal Lynch / Aguilar

Marion Cotillard as Sofia

Jeremey Irons as Rikkin

Brendan Gleeson as Joseph Lynch

Michael K Williams as Moussa

For all that would be expected from the likes of all this great talent; it is a shame to see what becomes of their characters.  For all the backstory, riveting detail or anything that could be believable; all you get from these actors/actresses is a lack of attempt to act.  To see them basically just read lines in a monotone like manner creates a mind numbing effect for the audience.  It shows you how much they felt about this film.  The secondary cast are just as terrible.  There is no need to explain any further.

The direction goes along a very basic outline of unexplainable results.  From the beginning to the end; you almost get nothing representing a good time.  Outside of some of the action sequences, the whole film is a terrible experience.  With such a basic outline translating a deeply rich mythology, the director never attempts to explain or progress past simple scenic moments.  You have the following:

First act: Quick Setup of ‘good vs. evil’ plot elements; introduction of characters and ‘forced’ hero motive.

Second Act: A linear progression of the ‘good vs. evil’ plotline; hero goes back and forth in time; family motive for dire results.

Third Act: Climax of the ‘good vs. evil’ plot elements; ambiguous ending with no purpose.

There is only one way to explain the film’s overall story; failed potential.  There is so much of this throughout the cast of characters, the Templar vs. Assassins mythology and the future tech used to travel through time (Animus).  The director could have created something truly fun and imaginative, but leaves a ‘lack thereof’ feeling with every moment that happens between the main characters.  Every time there is a chance to enthrall the audience, the director plays a ‘catch 22’ by splashing with ‘style over substance’.  So much of the action is a failed attempt at hiding the lacking of plot.  After a while, you began to go numb to some of the interesting action and period ‘flashback’ set pieces.  Once you finally get into the third act, you’re left with an auspicious tone combined with a ‘forced attempt’ to be dramatic.  That wrench creates another boring attempt to spice up the story; creating a sense of a foolery for the audience.  Once the film ends, you’re left wondering what could have been a great time at the theaters.

The visuals are some of the brightest parts of the film.  With the use of the ancient flashbacks and the futuristic tech; it does provide something that sparkles upon sensation.  Once you come to the realization this is all the film has, you start to have a waning attitude towards the cinematography.  This is especially true towards the end.  The score is the familiar sounds of any action film.

Assassin’s Creed could have been great or even good; but gets full of itself.  There isn’t much redeeming about watching this film.  Some of the action might but fun; but it isn’t worth wasting money at the theaters.  I would pretty much skip it entirely.

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