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Being the Ricardos – Sitcom of the Heart: A 1950s Biopic

The love for one another.  It is an enrapturing feeling that takes a hold of moments in time.  To look at someone with the utmost admiration garners a meaningful thought.  In that lingering thread you wonder, is it time that makes things worthwhile, or do things falter before the everlasting.  In this review, I look at a biopic that follows a love story: on and off screen.  In a journey of fame, this film captures the heart of one’s soul.  With strong characters and a fine-tuned script, Being the Ricardos defines the meaning of love and home. 

The story follows one of the most tumultuous weeks of the show, I Love Lucy.  Standing at a crossroads, will Lucille Ball (Nicole Kidman) and Desi Arnaz (Javier Bardem) survive the week with their marriage intact?  Writer/Director Aaron Sorkin crafts a story through generalization of the current.  With his script, he builds a foundation that fuses two genres (Biopic / Documentary) to balance a present issue within an endeavored past.  In the beginning, you are introduced to the world of I Love Lucy through testimonials of the production and personal intrigue of Lucille and Desi’s relationship.  Taking place during the week of filming the 37th episode, circumstances inject a marital and personal dilemma within their initial table reading.  From this chalky situation, the directive weaves unique banter that is driven by social and political dynamics of the 1950s.  As the characters struggle to make it through the week of production, certain truths unravel the dynamic between the cast and crew.  Each situation becomes poignant within enamored dialogue, as the long days (on set) weaves a wit that revels in human interaction and conversational like moments.  These scenes provide emotional revere through familial banter and physical mannerism.  Sorkin builds a story through an unorthodox showcase of multiple genres, creating an elusive journey that informs through relatable contexts.  Each section (of the film) mixes testimonials within flashbacks and humanistic themes, creating a raw complexion of who is Lucille and Desi.  Their relationship provides a window into something that is honest, pure but entertaining, showcasing the ironic fragility of stardom and love. 

As the week of production nears its end, the complications (in rehearsals) are layered within expectations and reality.  Lucille tries to stay focused on the episode (through her imagination), struggling to separate work and personal strife.  This, paralleled with flashbacks, drives sensations that are imperfections of the moment.  As the final day before the show goes live, certain truths come to light about her marriage, friendship(s) and career.  This leads into a third act that becomes a genuine cheer upon the mask.  As things come to head, it leads into an infallible climax, one that represents provides an ironic happily ever after moniker.  Being the Ricardos is a biopic that spins conviction through the velvet stylings of an original script.  If you are a fan of biopics, those involved or like a unique tale about life and love, this is one for you.  It is available on Prime Video but would be fun on the big screen.

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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