Best 5 films: Mid-season 2017


Best 5 films: Midseason 2017


It is time for my annual Top 5 films midseason list of 2017.  This year has been one defined by surprises.  Through unique storytelling and prominent characters, 2017 has been a year of many fun, filled adventures.  Every month, I have been surprised by something new, different or original.  With so many films exploring boundaries beyond, there are some that just missed the cut.  Here are a few of the honorable mentioned:

The LEGO Batman Movie

Patriots Day

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Wonder Woman

These films may not have made it now, but they still are remarkable films that can make the end of the year top 10 list.  You can read my reviews for them (above).  For this midseason, I am continuing with what I started last year.  That is, not making a traditional top 5 but creating a best five overall films list.  These five truly went beyond and struck a surprising thread within my own experience at the theaters.  Walking out, I was left with a changed but lasting effect.  That lasting effect is the ultimate payoff that is shown within the quality of each of these films.

Without further delay, here are my best 5 midseason films of the year:

Logan –  This film hits right at the heart of redefining the comic book genre.  By telling a unique/original story within a known frame, this leads to an experience that is dark and ominous with a personal touch.  Logan provides proof that going beyond traditional clichés, outlines and genres, you can have a powerful story within a comic book film.  This is truly an emotional experience, one that is worthy to be on my midseason list.




Split –  This film proves that a director, if given a chance to tap into his creative mind, can (once again) provide a thought-provoking thriller that is more than just another psycho tale.  Dealing in the mind of one trouble soul, this film provides a character study that is scary, riveting, but a genuinely entertaining experience.  M. Night Shyamalan proves he is a director with talents, delivering a film for my midseason list.




Get Out –  As stated in my review, Get Out is a film that goes beyond traditional horror quips, delivering a game changing experience.  Rooted in ideals of society to provide atmospheric detail, you are engrossed in the experience from the start.  With every moment, character and unlikely twist, you will be on the edge of your seat.  Get Out is a horror film that truly redefines a genre, landing on my midseason list.




Your Name –  When anime comes to the big screen, it generates an ‘event’ like status.  Seeing these kinds of films may seem like a niche, but there is always that one that delivers something more.  Your Name is an anime that pushes the boundaries of the genre by delivering a character study that is warm, homely and one of a kind.  From the story, themes and overall character dynamic, this film goes beyond and provides a worth wild experience.  This is truly deserving of a spot on the midseason list.



Baby Driver –  If there ever was a film that screams originality in 2017, it is this one.  From the minds of one of the most genuine, creative directors in Hollywood (Edgar Wright), we get a story that dabbles in fun and action while providing an overall riveting experience.  As I stated in my review, beyond any rating, if you can make something enthralling in an original story, it will become memorable.  Baby Driver is a memorable time at the theaters, one that deserves a spot in the midseason list.

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