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Bullet Train – Blood and Money: Assassins at High Speed

With film, we all have ideas of what to expect.  No matter what we watch on the big screen, we want it to be from our own perspective.  This can cause disarray in enjoyment, blinding us from what is there.  Sometimes, having unexpected beginnings can lead to a great experience.  In this review, I look at the latest Brad Pitt film.  In this one, it is filled with wackiness at high speed.  Even when things get convoluted, Bullet Train is still a unique ride … within a half-paid ticket.    

Thrust into another mission, Ladybug (Brad Pitt) hopes to complete it with no issues.  As things turn for the worst, will he be able to survive his first ride on the Japan’s Bullet Train?  On the surface, this film is rooted in frenetic storytelling.  With this style (of filming), it begins with a central area and a key figure.  These two elements become the focal point that draws in other person(s), creating an entangled web that is unexplained (on purpose) for the journey.  Here, the central area is Japan’s Bullet Train and key figure is Ladybug.  After a quick prologue, we come into the story through the drop-in method.  We watch as Ladybug is tasked with getting on the train (at Tokyo) with the mission to grab a briefcase and get off before the final stop (in Kyoto).  Along the way, we are introduced to specific people (on the train) who may/may not have a connection to the briefcase.  As the train ride begins, things turn for the worst.  Ladybug must now face off against multiple adversaries while trying to get off the train alive.  From this point, we are left with that unexplained journey that is filled with exaggerated action, comical hijinks and smartly amusing dialogue.  Seeing how each character interacts provides an aura of intrigue.  This creates unique (and sometimes comical) situations, striking a balance between cliché elements and the freneticism of the journey. 

As things begin to get heated (on the train), more elements are introduced into the journey.  With new detail coming to light (about the briefcase), it begins to convolute the dynamic of the journey.  As such, this leads to over explaining detail, breaking the freneticism with cliché plot devices.  Even as this happens, the key figure (Ladybug) provides a catalyst beyond the foreshadowing, leading to a third act of crazed action and a uniquely satisfying climax.  Bullet Train is action film that does some creative twists within its convoluted journey.  If you are a fan of Brad Pitt, action and frenetic storytelling, this is for you.  It is a crazed ride, one where you can have a good time at the theaters.    

Full Score – 3.5 out of 5 (Matinee)

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