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Deadpool 2 – 4.5/5 – Sequels will always have a comparison to the original.  No matter how many are in the series, the audience will always have that thought of ‘is it better than the original’.  Regardless, the one thing that will make it great is the ability to give another story with a beloved character.  Deadpool 2 is the second coming of the Merc with a Mouth.  Even with clichés layered within the plot, there is just something about Wade Wilson that makes this film one hell of a good time.

Premise:  As Cable travels back in time to end the life of a kid, Deadpool creates his own team of misfits to save him at all cost.

Ryan Reynolds is amazing once again as the titular characters.  From his unique bravado to the randomness of one-liners, references and 4th wall breaking, the individual dynamic layers Wade Wilson/Deadpool with a sense of ambiguity and relevance.  He is cunning, fearless and wonderfully obnoxious.  From the interactions, action sequences and comical hijinks with the use of his powers, it makes you admire the antics on display from Ryan Reynolds.  With the secondary cast, you have a mixture of returning characters and newcomers.  Some of the notable new characters are Domino (Zazie Beetz), Cable (Josh Brolin) and Firefist (Julian Dennison).  These newcomers add to the colorfulness and oddities that are already expressed by the returning characters like Colossus, Vanessa, Weasel, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Dopinder and Blind Al.  It is an amicable reflection of comic book tropes that are pushed to the extreme.  This adds to the budding dynamic with Deadpool, creating additional wildcards to the story.

The direction takes the first film’s appeal and builds from it by making a sequel liken to a ‘second chapter’ of a novel.  By utilizing references and innuendos familiar with a slight twist, it is a repeated outline of character introductions, personal journey/quest, good vs. evil confrontations and humanistic appeal.  There are times when the predictability weighs down the humor, but the outwardly aspect of the meta elements keeps the film grounded to its obnoxious nature.  This next chapter builds upon ‘the love story’ with the idea that part 2 is ‘a family film’.  By placing family themes with irony, it allows for a bombastic character that uses one-liners, pop references and adult/edgy humor to be relevant and endearing for the audience.  Even when the film uses a ‘time-travel’ trope to prop up the story, the idea is to play off those clichés to create something original.  The generalities that are used in the script become ‘building blocks’ to the outrageousness that ensues.  Through its metaphor like approach to the comic book/action genre, it allows for the parody nature to breathe something fun into the experience.  In the beginning, you are introduced to Cable, who comes back in time to kill Firefist, which Deadpool sees as his mission to save in life.  From here, the film moves along a linear ‘point A to B’ path that is littered with the antics of Deadpool and his comrades.  As you move swiftly from each scene, the meta elements, one-liners, 4th wall breaking and comic book/action clichés are kicked up to a high degree.  There are misses to some of the jokes, but there are a lot of unpredictable moments that will leave you in hysteria.  The film moves at a fast pace, allowing for characters to come and go without any real consequence.  Once in the final act, the film turns into a big display of action and one-liners that turns everything on its head.  This leads into a climax that is somewhat a convenient wrap-up, but is still entertaining.  Once in the epilogue, it brings the family theme full circle, showing how meaningful this film ironically is to the audience.

The cinematography is nothing to scream fantastic over.  Even if the aesthetics are general, it is good to see them expand their locales beyond just a handful of places.  The score helps prop up the comedy, adding to the endearing references to the comic book/action genres.

Deadpool 2 is a sequel that becomes an amazing chapter in the character’s journey.  With the heighten awareness of its place in the genre, the parody felt through jokes/one-liners and action scenes takes us to another stratosphere of awesomeness.  If you’re a fan of the first film or of Deadpool, this is for you.  I say it is worth the full-price, don’t bring your kids (Even though it’s a family film).  Also, this film has the best post-credit scenes, stay for them.

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