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E3 2018: The Expo for Video Gamers


Every year, there is an event that becomes the center of the video game industry.  That event is known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly referred to as E3.  This big event showcases all the exciting information related to current, new and future development in the video gaming industry.  E3 brings together many well-known studios (EA, Ubisoft, Bethesda, etc.) and the big three in the console business today (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo).

Having grown up in the video game era, one of the big events I look forward to is E3.  The reason is because of the amazing news that comes from each studio.  The amount of buzz just swells from what is put on display with information on projects, series and genres of games that I have followed for years.  From the up-and-coming releases to surprising reveals, E3 gives highlights of what it means to follow the industry.  From the developers to gamers, seeing the reactions to new gameplay footage creates a sensation of value and purpose.  To see the evolution of ‘what comes next’ is an endearing trait that continues to push the expo to new heights.  Some background information about E3:

E3 is owned by Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the US association dedicated to serving the business and public affairs needs of the companies developing and publishing interactive games for video game consoles, handheld devices, personal computers, and the internet (E3)

E3 had its first inaugurated event on May 11, 1995.  It takes place annually at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA, except for 1997-98 when it took place at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA (Wikipedia)

Over the last 23 years, E3 has always been a spotlight for upcoming consoles and games.  From prior reveals of next-gen consoles to the highlights of revolutionary games, it is a riveting sensation when you learn something wonderful is about to be within your grasp to play.  To catch my attention, it takes one of two things:

  • A push for diverse gameplay dynamic
  • A commitment to developing a series

When a developer presents there product, you hope it is worth your time and money.  Even if it’s a quick teaser, just that conscious effort to show something desirable lends me to believe they are trying to create something truly masterful.  With that in mind, here are my big announcement from E3 2018:

The reveal of Cyberpunk 2077 –  This short trailer of in-game footage on the Microsoft stage showed enough of the immersive world.  From the futuristic setting to the colorful cast of characters, you best believe this next project from Cd Projekt Red will rival its well acclaimed title, The Witcher 3.

Bethesda announces Starfield (new IP) and the next installment of Elder Scrolls –  Another studio known for amazing titles, these announcements just blew everyone away.  Amounting to nothing more than title reveals, that alone has me excited to explore a new universe and new areas of a famed series.

The evolution of Assassins Creed and The Division franchises –  Watching these franchises grow is a delight for gamers.  The way that Ubisoft has been able to create fun and diverse worlds/gameplay/characters with these titles is an amazing feat.  Now, they have push the boundaries of gameplay by adding strong RPG elements to make the next entries worth my time and money.

Microsoft displays a new Gears of War and Halo game, plus acquisition of 5 new studios – The two big titles from Microsoft speak for themselves, but the fact they showed off the power of their technology and a commitment to expanding game development shows true grit.  It gives worth to seeing what the future holds for the Xbox brand.

Sony reveals Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding (new IP) Gameplay –  Sony has had a strong stamp with their latest console, the PS4.  With the reveal of these titles’ gameplay, it shows their strong focus on delivering more character driven stories that rival any blockbuster film today.

The reveal of the Resident Evil 2 remake –  This is the one that caught me off guard.  One of my favorite games (and terrifying) to play when I was younger, to see they are creating this on the latest consoles has me yearning for that terrifying journey once more.

Nintendo’s continued expansion of the Switch catalog –  Mario Aces, Smash Bros, Pokémon Lets go (Pikachu/Eevee) are just the tip of the iceberg of the games revealed coming to the Switch.  Since its release in 2017, this unique console has continued to deliver on acclaimed titles.  With the expanding third-party support shown at their conference, I believe they will continue the diversity for years to come.

With all the information coming out of E3, there is little something for any gamer.  From the current slate of new release to upcoming changes, we can only hope that the expo will continue to be a prime spot for the video game industry.

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