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Ford v Ferrari – Racing with Friendship: The Perfect Lap

A journey, it is what I look forward to when I go to the theaters.  No matter what kind of film (action, drama, comedy, etc.), it is the journey that brings out that true escape.  I have watched plenty of films this year with only a few that have captured that essence.  Ford v Ferrari is a true story that brings about a simple tale that defines what it means to take a journey.  With amazing characters and great storytelling of raw adrenaline, Ford v Ferrari is one of the best films of the year.

This is the story of Ford Motor Company’s feud with Ferrari, as they battle for racing supremacy at the 24-hour Lemans.  To win the race, Ford enlist American car designer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) and driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale) to create an alliance that changes the landscape of racing.  The direction centers around characterization through true story elements.  With Shelby and Miles at the forefront, their lives parallel the issues that are happening with Ford.  When the three stories converge, it moves forward with sensibility.  The even flow of the corporate world clashing with down-to-earth characters gives a complexion of dramatization within lifelike storytelling.  The friction of realism comes from the relationship of Shelby and Miles.  Damon and Bale are completely enraptured in these roles, exuding the essences of two friends who contrast styles and ideas.  This conflict creates authentic appeal, reeling you into their lives as they maneuver the automobile world of the 1960s.  As the story unfolds, the complexity is built through genuine detail.  You see how the barriers to create the ‘best’ vehicle has a two-fold meaning to those at the top versus those that see purity in their creation.    

The characterization begins to seep in their process to build the ultimate car.  You begin to see the race to perfection in both Ford and Ferrari, watching as personal and mental anguish leads to realistic drama.  The path that which the characters take highlights the ultimate strength.  It is the simplistic nature of the journey of these characters that brings heart and purpose.  The fight to make something perfect isn’t anything new, but with true story elements it brings out the rawness of humanistic behavior.  Everything that would be archetypal, one-dimensional or convenient becomes a realistic ‘day in the life’ moment.  Once in the final act, the action comes to the forefront in the 24-hour Lemans.  The pure racing adrenaline combined with the wit of the characters brings pure sensation to the audience.  This leads to a climax that brings true fulfillment, and an epilogue that reflects on the aftermath of what racing means to those that live the dream.  Ford v Ferrari is a true story that takes everything you know about traditional storytelling and pushes it to a level where the experience is pure escapism.  If you’re a fan of the actors, true stories or want a great time at the theaters, this is one for you.  Worth seeing at the theaters, a legendary kind of ride.   

Full Score – 5 out of 5 (Legendary)

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