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GetawayGetaway – 0.5/5 – There will be no prologue, no in-depth analysis of anything.  Straight up, and to the point; this movie is beyond comprehension.  This movie is just plain bad.

Premise: Former race-car driver Brent Magna is forced into a dire situation.  He must perform acts for an unknown man, or they will kill his kidnapped wife.

The film focuses on three people:

Driver Brent Magra (Ethan Hawke)

The Kid (Selena Gomez)

The villain/voice (Jon Voight)

I really, can’t fathom why any actor would want to be associated with this film.  For the actors/actress associated with this film, you can tell they took the roles for a quick pay check.  They took the money and ran with the ‘lack thereof’ kind of characters they portrayed.  There is no depth or quality of any kind; they just read lines, followed the ‘point and react’ direction from beginning to the end.  No reason to mention supporting roles, they didn’t exist.

The direction of the film resembles the notion of someone who doesn’t even have the basic understand of film editing, progression or storytelling.  There is no general setup for a story or the character’s to be ‘rightfully’ introduced to entice some attachment.  All you know is from the beginning till the ‘big reveal’ is Brent Magra must perform task for someone on the other end of the phone.  If not, they will kill his wife.  From this, it turns into a ‘mind-numbing’ display of an overblown car chase scene found in any action film.  You watch this and think of how this was just a showcase of nonsense.  With no standard development, you get the following:

Get from point A to B’ > perform objective > new objective > rinse and repeat

Even after the ‘big reveal’, it performs the exact same way till the climax.   The ending is another act of disappointment because it gives you no reason for this movie.  In the end, there is no point to anything happening in the film.

The visuals of the film are nothing you haven’t seen in anything involving a car chase or action film.  The score is sub-par quality; its worst than even an 8-bit video game.

Getaway is bad on all fronts.  The only reason I  am giving it any kind of score is because the Shelby Mustang was pretty amazing to look at.  Don’t watch this movie; it would be waste of time.

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