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Godzilla vs. Kong – Clash of Alphas: As Monsters … WE FIGHT!!!!

What makes a film enjoyable?  It is a question that can have a million different answer.  From any aspect, everything always centers on the experience.  When you walk into that theater (with your popcorn), it is that experience that will make or break that escape.  In this review, I look at a film that’s a culmination of the ‘Monster verse’.  An epic clash of memorable titans, we have a head-to-head match that rises above the generalities of the genre.  Godzilla vs. Kong is that final bout you all have been waiting for.

In a world where there can only be one, Godzilla reigns supreme.  When he realizes another titan is alive, Godzilla and Kong face off in an unforgettable showdown.  For film goers, there are specific circumstances where invoking a certain expression happens.  That expression is known as ‘turn your brain off’.  We all expect certain things when going to the cinema: A good story, colorful cast of characters or a worthy escape.  There are times when basic genre tropes, simple writing and unexplained plot elements can ruin the cinema experience.  Every so often, there are films that deliver what is expected at the expense of these things.  The director (Adam Wingard) knows exactly what is expected and provides the audience with a fun action/adventure (in its own right).  The film’s foundation is routed in fantastical elements of the Godzilla and Kong lore, stringed together with exposition of secret agencies, sci-fi elements, and one-dimensional archetypes.  The standard approach is not driven through ‘forced’ explanation, meandering side plots or unimportant characters.  Even when things are general, it allows for the focal point to be placed on what is important: the fight between Godzilla and Kong.  Having been the ‘alpha’ of their own worlds, they see each other as a threat.  Threaded into this is a human connection that draws in the audience, allowing you to see these CGI creations as actual characters.  You know that Godzilla’s rampage on Apex Industries is for a reason.  You also know that Kong is not angered at his human confinement, he wants to find his ‘home’.  The clashing of these titans ensues on the bases of personal worth, leading to confrontations that bring the familiar through amazing results.

As the clashing leads to certain revelations, it brings the audience to the ultimate arena of alpha vs. alpha.  With Godzilla and Kong in full prime, it becomes a slugfest of epic proportions.  The destruction is not levied through quick editing or shaking cam, Wingard puts you in the action to feel the adrenaline of the scenes.  As the two monsters fight, it becomes a battle of wills to see who will triumph.  This leads into a final act of twists that culminates in a climax that will have fans screaming … glory.  Godzilla vs. Kong is littered with things that plague others in the genre, but this is the exception to the rule.  You know what you are getting, and it delivers in high gear.  If you’re fan of Godzilla, Kong or love a good slugfest this is one for you.  It is available on HBOMax, but it is worth seeing at the theaters.   

Full Score – 3.5 out of 5 (Matinee)

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