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Halloween Ends – Slasher on the Prowl: Round 3

What is it that makes us, endear?  We look towards the world with a certain prowess that binds indifference of feelings.  Within the layers is a driving factor, creating purpose upon a threaded journey.  This endearment provides a platform for storytelling, especially in film.  In this review, I look at the latest chapter in the Halloween franchise.  A storied journey of many different iterations, Halloween Ends shows that evil reigns deeply …. In a legacy of fragmented parts.

It has been four years since the deadly killing spree left Haddonfield, Illinois in disarray.  As the residents try to move forward, evil returns.  As things turn dire, will Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) finally be able to stop Michael Myers.  On the surface, this latest entry leans heavy on nostalgia, but from the slasher motif comes a story that ‘tries’ something new through subverted expectations.  From the beginning, you get a montage of a general setup, introducing to different characters (new and old).  Through their introduction, you have a slew of familiar archetypes that provide backdrop to the current state of Haddonfield.  You witness that the ‘everyday’ is clouded by the ‘idea’ of Michael Myers, creating a new normal that is woven deeply within the town.  At the heart of this new normal is Laurie, who has slowly started to move forward in her life.  Even as things seem right, she starts to witness things affecting her family.  This aura provides an instinct lens of thematic detail, creating a methodical layer that houses the question … what is evil?  Through this, unpredictability sets an interesting diversion from the typical slasher motif.  The slow burn direction leads to a certain zeal and visual prowess that adds value to the ‘slasher kills’ that would otherwise feel typical.  For all the good that comes through the indifference to the genre, the potential is fragmented because of some lazy scripted sequences.  This leads to smartly potential threads getting pushed aside because of shallow character dynamics (outside of Laurie) and cringy dialogue.  There are decisions made that hinder growth, turning the thematic presence into a crutch instead of being a genuine evolution of the franchise. 

As the journey of Laurie and Michael seems to evolve, it is hindered by cheap tricks and undervalued explanations (from underdeveloped sequences).  Things that could have been ‘great’ are cheapen through jump scare tactics, creating sequences that counter the purpose of their relationship.  Even though things are softened by generalities, we head into a third act that brings everything back around to the strength of the themes.  This leads into a finale that is intense but satisfying for fans of the franchise.  Halloween Ends tries new things but stumbles through an apathetic script.  If you are a fan of the franchise or horror, I say check it out.  For everyone else, it is worth checking at the theaters for the right price.   

Full Score – 3 out of 5 (Theater Discount)

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  • Loved it. But I think maybe because I saw it streaming for free so I had zero expectations. Felt good to see what should be a permanent ending too

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