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Incredibles 2 – 4/5 – Pixar is a place of wonder and magic.  In their storied history, they always find a way to reach the audience through some emotional capacity.  From Toy Story to Up, Wall-E to Coco, they can spin imagination with endearment to create amazing tales.  Continuing a story from 15 years, we have a sequel that many believed would never happen.  From the characters to the overall action, this animated feature hits its stride.  Even when predictability ensues, the Incredibles 2 is another home run for Pixar.

Premise:  With a way to bring Supers back into limelight, Elastigirl must leave Mr. Incredible and her children behind.  With the struggles of careers for one and raising children for the other, the Parr family must find a way to live Incredible.

For the list of actors/actress, please go to the film’s IMDb page.  Overall, the voice acting is stupendous.  From each character in the family (Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack) to the ancillary characters (Frozone, Voyd, Edna Mode), they all put their amazing talents to work.  Each interaction is filled with raw emotions.  From the family drama to the dire situations of criminals, you feel the humanistic fervor in their actions.  Through the brevity of the dialogue and distinct personalities, you feel their conviction and overall struggles.  This brings to life the overall story, creating a purpose to their current plight by giving hope that they can use their powers for good again.

Being a sequel, this story picks up right after the events of the first.  With the Parr family revealing their powers to the world, Winston Deavor, a telecommunication CEO, sees this as an opportunity to bring Supers back into prominence.  He enlists Elastigirl to help show that Supers are important to society.  Having to leave her family for this new job, it becomes the task of Mr. Incredible to stay home with the kids.  The story mixes family themes that focuses on individual conflicts.  Each character personifies some aspect of principle and self-worth.  Watching the interaction of the family brings about a dynamic that parallels true humanistic overtures.  As Elastigirl is out being a superhero again, she wrangles with the thoughts of leaving her family behind.  Paralleling this plot is Mr. Incredible’s struggles of being a stay-at=home dad.  He struggles being a good father but also dreaming of being a superhero again.  These two stories create emotional complexes that leads each of them to face their own flaws, creating that ideal mantra of self-worth.  The characterization is endearing, mimicking aspect of everyday obstacles, even if you have superpowers.  The evolution of each character provides the audience with familiar themes of teenage adolescent, parenting and career choices.  The application is common, but the amicable nature of seeing it in its rawest form reflects the strong direction.  As the film pushes forward, there is the ‘superhero’ aspect that bridges everything towards a typical confrontation with a villain.  We head into the second half with the nature of ‘who is’ the villain being heavily foreshadowed.  The villain is very cliché, creating a low point to the overall journey (so far).  Once the telegraph scenes bring everyone together, it leads to a showcase of their powers.  With revelations made and choices to be had, you see how the Parr family (with a few other heroes) find a way to show the true nature of what it is to be a Super.  In the epilogue, it winds down in a full circle approach, leaving us with what it means to be family.

The cinematography is a beautiful display of aesthetics in a surreal world.  With the authentic application of real life against animation, you get to see a sprawling metropolis that feels real.  Complimented with amazing action set pieces and creativeness of superpowers, you feel the fortitude of the family’s triumph.  The score is complimentary at best, helping to add a little flavor to the overall fun nature of the story.

The Incredibles 2 is an amazing addition to the Pixar lineup.  By continuing from the first, you feel the brevity of the situation; creating a whole-hearty feeling of being closer to the Parr family.  If you’re a fan of Pixar or of the first film, this is one for you.  This is worth the full price, for you and your whole family.

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