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Late Night with the Devil – Speak Blood on Live TV: It’s a Halloween Thing

When it comes to film, enjoyment is in the eye of the beholder.  No matter the genre, that innate feeling is a spark of personal magic.  To bring a smile to my face, that escape must feel genuine.  From story to character, if that feeling hits right … then the experience is worth it.  In this review, I look at the latest Indie/horror film.  Within a simple premise, we get a story that becomes something more.  With strong characters, Late Night with the Devil provides a new intuitive spin on a familiar tale. 

In 1977, talk show host Jack Delroy (David Dastmalchian) embarks on a live Halloween telecast that leads to dark results.  To begin this review, I ask the question … what is it that makes a horror film truly standout?  Within this genre spans different ways to build up ‘the scare’.  From slashers to psychological effects, that genuine touch comes in its elevation of the familiar.  With this latest entry, that nuance is built from a different perspective.  In the beginning, we get a general backstory about Delroy’s rise to popularity as an iconic talk show host in the 1970s.  Through narration and period piece like elements, the prologue provides the layer of familial and general conflict, creating the circumstance that leads to his live telecast on Halloween Night, 1977.  From here, the journey shifts from foundation building to a slow methodical directive that focuses on situational elements.  As the live broadcast begins, Delroy’s ‘on screen’ persona provides pizzazz to the festive events (of the evening).  As he builds up the mystery (with each guest), these conversational like moments help meld atmosphere with realism.  Each experience propels into the next, creating an indifference of intrigue within familiar horror tropes.  That tension is elevated through characterization, seeing the raw unknown strike individuals with a mixture of truth and consequence.  As the show begins to veer off in a dark direction, Delroy delves deeper into personal conflict that leads to the question, are ratings worth the risk of playing with demonic elements on Halloween night?

To go any further about the film would be leaning into spoiler territory.  What I can share is when Delroy brings on his final guests, Lilly (Ingrid Torelli) and Dr. June (Laura Gordon), the journey elevates to new heights.  These two characters add riveting layers of tension, leading to circumstances that blend authentic scares through the aspect of realistic moments.  With this trio, it builds towards a conclusion that is familiar but truly, genuine to the overall journey.  Late Night with the Devil is an indie horror movie that is genuine within its familiar elements.  If you are a fan of horror/indie films or a twist to familiar elements, this is one for you.  Either way, I feel this is worth the Full Price of admission.    

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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