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Lets Be CopsLet’s Be Cops – 2.5/5 – I was able to catch this film at an early screening.  Like any screeners, I go into them with a cautionary thought, hoping that what I’m about to witness is something not just being ‘shown’ for free to entice a better reaction.  Even with that pre-notion; I always stick to my main thought; expecting only to be entertained.  Let’s Be Cops is what you would call a very simple, straight forward Hard ‘R’ comedy.  It isn’t trying to bend the rules, change the game or appeal upon a grand scale.  Even for its predictability, adult rated skits and cheap one-liners, it still provides semi-entertainment in its short running time.  Let’s Be Cops might not be the best comedy of the year, but it at least provides a jolt at the end of the summer season.

Premise: Two down on their luck buddies decided to dress up as cops.  What ensues is more than what they expect, as comedy unfolds.

Playing the roles of Ryan and Justin are up and coming comedians Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr.  These two play what you would expect in any film like this; two male friends that are down on their luck just wanting to do something fun and different in their lives.  This basic draw leads them to dress up like cops.  From this point on, all changes for their lives and character development.  Much of this development is relied upon the budding duo then actual true characterization.  For a lot of films, this would be a hindrance and drag the movie down.  For a movie of this nature, it isn’t.  You get enough in the beginning to figure out who each of them are and their ‘bond’, and leave the rest to their style of comedy.  Much of the fun comes from the bantering between them, showing that ‘buddy cop’ mantra while not going completely overboard.  Separately, they come off pretty stale.  Good thing is that they don’t have a lot of time apart, and the film does a good job in playing off the best of the guys; when they are together.  The rest of the cast is pretty much, not worth talking about.  You have all the typical characters you would find in a comedy of this nature; the ‘too hot for me’ woman; the helpful Samaritan (which is an actual cop in this film); the aloof sidekick, the ignorant henchman and ‘shocking’ two faced villain.  Some of these are notable cameos; but otherwise, it isn’t as important or as good as the main two guys.

As mentioned before, this is a Hard ‘R’ comedy.  Basically, that means you’ll get your typical blend of foul dialogue, crude and sexual innuendos and obligatory violent gun scenes. This is pretty much, what you get.  Along with this, the structure of the film is also as basic as it comes:

1st act – Quick prologue/intro; introduce plot device/hilarity ensues

2nd act – further exploration of plot device, predictable conflict occurs; more comical hijinx

3rd act – ‘shocking’ twist, more comical situations, purpose of plot device leading to climax and ‘feel good’ ending

If you’ve seen any Hard ‘R’ comedy with a ‘buddy cop’ feel, you’ll pretty much be able to guess all the comical situations that happen between Ryan and Justin while they are cops.  For all the simple tones, predictable themes and obvious cameos, what makes this film stay above water is the fact that it knows what kind it is, and plays with those tropes as best as it can.  No matter if it’s the two guys doing funning things towards civilians or they get caught up in the criminal’s illegal gun running; you find yourself laughing hysterically at times.  You can’t help (knowing all the bad in the film) but enjoy it for what it is.  This isn’t a great movie, or close to being a good comedy.  The film is of the B style natures, but it still entertains in all its foolhardiness.  Once you get through the quick climax and ending, you realize that the film befits its purpose; doing enough to be enjoyable, some of the time.

In being the kind of comedy film it is; visuals aren’t important or the basic draw.  For this, it isn’t worth noting or describing.  The score has its moments; but for the most part it really didn’t do much in the film.

Let’s Be Cops is what you would expect to see in August; a film of the B style nature to close a very well and entertaining summer season.  If you’re a fan of Hard ‘R’ comedies and knowing what you’re in for, you’ll have an alright time.  I recommend seeing it as a matinee; it isn’t worth the full price ticket.

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