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My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising – Heart of Heroes … Plus Ultra!!!    

Anime, a niche that is full of imagination and excitement.  This form of entertainment gives you a limitless expanse of the character(s)’ journey.  From wholesome romance to the bombastic quest of powerful beings, watching it unfold through anime reveals a genuine touch.  My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising brings a story that has familiar touches of a typical superhero film.  Even so, it pushes forward unique lore, character depth and amazing action.  My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is a film that showcases how amazing this medium can be.

The students from class 1A of UA High School are sent to Nabu Island to perform temporary hero duties.  A simple task for the Summer turns into an ultimate trial for the students.  With everything on the line, they will have to go all out to save the world from their greatest opponent yet.  The outline is a mixture of the superhero tropes and hero’s quest theme within the lore of the My Hero Academia Manga/Anime.  Like most anime (films), you get a general prologue that leads into the introduction of characters, setting and recognizable conflicts.  The central focus is on the group of powerful teenagers from UA High School.  You watch as they perform general hero tasks that were agreed upon by UA High School and the Hero Agency.  The first half does a great job at balancing those unfamiliar with the lore with fans of the anime.  You get exposition through general conversations and interactions between the students and residents of Nabu island.  Each scene are general highlights of all the students, their quirks/powers and unique personalities.  Every character gets on-screen time, but the focus is on the (main characters of the series), Deku and Bakugo.  These two individuals help weave all the relationships (on screen), while showcasing the struggles they have with become real hero’s for society.

Once the story brings the main conflict to the forefront, it turns into a visual cluster of imaginative appeal.  Deku, Bakugo and Class 1a are up against a formidable foe in Nine and his group of misfits.  Each student has their powers pushed to the extreme, fueled by genuine moments and emotional appeal.  The characterization of the conflict is genuine because of the levity of the first half.  This allows for the story to move past the superhero clichés and showcase human struggle of powerful beings faced with choices of struggle and darkness.  That fragile sense of hope allows for situations to feel real, positioning Deku and crew to make ultimate sacrifices.  This leads into a climax that mixes great emotion within the lore of the anime/manga.  My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is an anime film that showcases the strength of the genre.  No matter if you’re a fan or not, there is enough in the story to feel the genuine touch of characters.  I say, it is worth the full price of admission.

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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