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Parasite – Dependence on You: A Fairytale Divided … Socially

The mark of an artist is defined by subtlety of grace.  It is a person that can speak rhythms of worldly meanings with a simple touch.  Film is a medium that can bring this kind of innate experience.  Parasite is one of those that brings forth meaning through the mixing of great characters and strong social themes.  In a journey that goes beyond, Parasite is a riveting tale that showcases that true mark.         

The story follows Ki-taek and family as they become interested in the wealthy Park family.  As they slowly work their way into their lives, they become entangled in an unexpected incident that will lead to the truth of their own self-worth.  The outline is a combination of dark comedy elements through the dramatization of Korean society.  Ki-taek and his family are unemployed and living in the slums.  Looking for a job, he takes on a gig as an English tutor for the Park family.  This plot devices helps provide the main crux of the story, showcasing the indifference of class divide.  As the story moves along, the darkly humor provides depth to each individual, creating a dynamic where their interactions lead to a need of each other. The false norms create a window of contrasting ideals, providing perspective on the wealth disparity in South Korea.  Through conversational techniques and subtle physical mannerism, you get to see relationships evolve through a satirical aspect of realism.  As Ki-taek and his family yearn for the lives of the Parks, the latter has an unfettered attachment within the guise of ignorance.  The complexity is riveting, giving emotional worth to relationships that slowly become endearing.  This creates an angle of realism that goes beyond the setting and becomes applicable to the audiences’ own lives.

 As the story moves forward, a sudden revelation provides a change in the themes and mood.  As the darkly humor turns dramatic, it creates a situation of revelations, putting a light on the faulty thread of dependency and hope.  This leads to an array of folly decisions, creating a situation that becomes tense within consequence.  As the story moves into the final act, it unloads meaning through obscure visuals that highlight the causality of societal images of self-worth.  Parasite showcases true art of the medium.  With a strong story that unfolds through the grace of themes, characterization and realism, this is an amazing tale of human endeavor.  If you’re a fan of great storytelling, this is one for you. Truly, an award worthy journey.

Full Score – 4.5 out of 5 (Award Worthy)

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