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Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse – A Colorful Web-Sling of Dimensions

Into the mysterious you find that the fantastical can be welcoming.  Some of that unknown comes in the form of animation.  No matter the influences or genres, this medium can show you a world of possibilities.  This new Spiderman tale brings you into something that is more than a colorful treat, but a story that endears as a monumental feat.  Taking the mysteries of the unknown and mixing it with comic book antics leads to a redefining of the origin tale.  This is a story that will have you smiling and jumping into an escape of many fun dimensions.

The story told is the origin of Miles Morales (Shameik Moore).  You drop into his life and see what brings into the world of ‘Spiderman’, becoming a symbol for the people.  Built upon the basic outlines of a comic book ‘origin’ tale, the plot unfolds through a mixture of offbeat/stylistic animation and realistic drama.  The visual prowess of colorful costumes, intuitive characters and ingenious villains from the Spiderman lore are complimented by staunch individuals with raw personalities.  This creates a wholesome look at the abstraction of the direction, bringing tangibility to imaginative storytelling.  As Morales goes through the motions of going to a new school, his outward personality provides a hook to the unorthodox situations of the colorful world.  The relationship with his parents is strained by his idolizing of Spiderman, but this also provides a ‘catalyst’ for the overarching plot.  Once the foreshadowing elements drive him into the fray, every action becomes a thread of growth in his own development.  The slow buildup of the first act provides a smooth introduction of the ‘multi-verse’ that happens in the second act.  Once this aspect comes into play, it adds another layer to Morales’ character development because of the interesting dynamic with the other “Spider” People.  The whimsical banter, laughable moments and endearing situations adds genuine detail to each scenario, creating unpredictability to the common ‘origin’ journey.  Each decision made has dire consequences, leading to emotional worth.  No matter how much screen is given to the multitude of characters, there is a point to their relations to the story and Morales.  This shows their strong purpose to the story, going beyond the clichés of any comic book trope used to bring them into the plot.

Delving deeper into the ensuing chaos, you watch Morales stumble when trying to harness his powers.  Seeing all the different “Spider” people provides contrast and motivations to his development.  Beyond the awkwardness of some of the odd characters (Spiderman Noir and Spider-Ham), these interactions provide a unique bravado that elevates the art style.  Through the unique character models, it provides a thread of different perspectives.  This adds character to the animation, leading to a candid escape for the audience.  This gives dynamism to the outlandish color palettes used through this version of New York City.  You get to see, feel and interaction with a lively society that is a blend of surrealism and authenticity.  It feels like a living/breathing world, a place where the unimaginable creates a believable world.  Once you hit the third act and climax, the expanded lore, character dynamic and intuitive plot elements come to head.  This delightful combination creates a spectacle that is outrageous but genuine at heart.  All the unorthodox elements create a lens of excitement, making you feel the adrenaline rush as if you were in the middle of the action.  As the epilogue brings a completion to the story, you have hope to see more from this multiverse.  Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse is a spectacle of a lot of different things.  From the animation to the characters, you get a profound story that goes beyond anything you’ve seen in a traditional ‘origin’ tale.  This is a film for all Spiderman fans, one worth witnessing on the big screen.  This is another one that can be consider one of the Best films of 2018.

Final Score – 4.5 out of 5 (Award Worthy)


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