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Spiderman: No Way Home – Heart of the Multiverse: A Spidey’s Tale

Life is full of amazing things.  The moments captured showcase an important growth of self.  This is always true, no matter what the experience may be.  For me, that would be the telling of stories.  A story can push many boundaries, but when they capture the heart, it can make the unimaginable feel … real.  In that, the story becomes more than the popcorn, screams and thrills … it becomes an everlasting experience.  The final installment of the MCU/Home trilogy, Spiderman: No Way Home is more than just a comic book film.  This is a legacy that captures the heart of one’s journey … making it one of the best.

From the onset, the story picks up from the finale of the last film.  Peter Parker’s identity has been revealed, and his life has gone off the rails.  With a multitude of issues affecting those that know him, he seeks help from Doctor Strange.  He believes that a spell to make everyone forget he is Spiderman will bring balance to his life.  Through typical hijinks, the spell does not go as plan and other characters who know Spiderman (from other realities) come into their world.  The damage to the multiverse has begun and it is up to Peter Parker and crew to fix everything.  From this initial setup, what makes the journey so authentic is how Jon Watts (director) makes Spiderman relatable to the audience.  With everything that is happening, he is still a teenager who will make unfounded choices.  The aspect of seeing the folly of human detail showcases the cumbersome aspect of what it takes to live two different lives.  At the same, his interaction with the multiverse villains creates a dynamic that revels in the human side of the character.  The reality that comes to light is that some of them will go back and face certain death.  Because of Parker’s willingness to help these villains, it shifts the story away from traditional comic book/hero tropes and pushes it into an authentic character study of life and choice.  This creates the markings of unpredictability, layering depth to characters, motives and story elements that would have been just convenient plot devices.  This leads to some emotional moments, pivoting the stakes to something more than anyone expects.

As everything falls upon dire straits, it becomes apparent that Parker and friends will have to decide what is important to their own lives.  Not to spoil anything, the lasting impact of certain choices bring about some of the most endearing moments of this journey.  The finale turns into a coming of age of the character, showcasing what it takes to be Spiderman.  Spiderman: No Way Home is a story that transcend the genre to create a legacy for fans of the character.  From the deeply woven dramatic moments to amazing character details, this film becomes an experience.  I have nothing else to say but … go watch this film.  You will be amazed at your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.   

Full Score – 5 out of 5 (Legendary)

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