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The Art of Racing in the Rain – Splashing with Dogs and Melodrama

When it comes to dogs, they can make any situations a bit better than originally thought.  This can be true about real life and the median of film.  A story with dogs may always hit hard for a pet lover, but almost always seems to lose track on storytelling.  This film does its best to bring in that core audience but cannot keep the momentum.  The Art of Racing in the Rain gives you moments, but never ceases that chance to become a memorable.

The story centers around Denny Swift (Milo Ventimiglia) and his dog, Enzo (Voiced by Kevin Costner), as they navigate the ups and downs of life.  At the start, the film moves along a linear outline that plays ‘smoke and mirrors’ with the audience.  The prologue gleams upon the relationship of Swift and Enzo, but never centralizes on this theme within the first act.  The relationship of ‘Man and Dog’ gets pushed aside for a mundane pursuit of predictable scenarios of melodrama, romance and comedic circumstances.  This creates fragmented plot threads, unfocused direction and lackluster character development.  There are emotional moments, but they feel disjointed because the writing doesn’t evolve beyond cliché interactions and tropes.  As the story moves into the second act, the dullness is only brightened when the focus is on Enzo.  The expositional monologue delivered by Costner helps to drive some worth in the thin plot that is Swift’s journey.  From friends to the romantic love interest, it is trivial when compared to the relationship between Swift and Enzo.

As the film moves along, it dials up the melodrama by ceasing on overacting within forced plot points.  As the story strays away from the original intent, it begins to waver on enjoyment.  Once you get into the third act, it readjusts within a redemption arch that brings the focus back on Swift and Enzo.  This leads into a climax that is riveting, striking a balance between the wholesome themes that are important to relationships.  The Art of Racing in the Rain pushes through melodramatic sequences to create somewhat of an enjoyable experience.  At its core, Swift and Enzo make it watchable.  If you’re a fan of dog films, I say check it out.  It is worth seeing at a discount rate at the theaters.

Full Score – 3 out of 5 (Theater Discount)

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