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The Father – An Age Old Tale of Lost Memories

The ideas that swirl within storytelling has boundless possibilities.  From the swiftness of an adventure to the poignancy of a romance, feeling something pure creates that bridge between the audience and screen.  No matter the escape, that sensation comes when you can feel the heart of the journey.  In this review, I look at a film that showcases the struggle of the human mind.  The Father finds one man trying to understand what his reality is truly.  With a strong lead and an endearing script, The Father is a genuine tale about the fragility of life.

As an elderly man starts to lose grip on his mental state, he begins to question everything in his life.  The foundation of the film is built through an encapsulated story of a singular character.  Through a real-life drama concept, we are brought into the story through the drop-in method.  In the beginning, we are introduced to Anthony (Anthony Hopkins) through a conversation between him and his daughter Anne (Olivia Coleman).  We learn that Anne is leaving London and that her father will need to have a caretaker to help him with his everyday routine.  This conversation brings uncertain doubt, which leads into the journey of his fragile mind.  From this point, the directive is driven through the perspective of the gentleman.  It is a very unorthodox method, as scenes start to unravel through a mimicry of unexpectedness.  As people encounter Anthony, we (the audience) see a reality throttled through unexplained circumstances.  What is to be believe is not always reflective in explanation, as the parallel of confusion builds the anguish through a ripple effect.  Each scene becomes a mixture of conversations about the past and present.  The poignant detail is an endurance for the human soul, as these moments level out a probability of what is true (for the audience).  The folly is an endeavor, bringing the journey through the rawness of what becomes of humanity in the latter stages of life.

As the story moves into the further reaches of Anthony’s mind, it becomes a roller coaster of consequences.  Each scene leads closer to some unwanted end, but there is an expected feeling in the unknown.  The irony of what becomes is an analogy to the shifty nature of age.  We are living the fight with Anthony, as he is a man trying to understand what is happening.  The doubt, confusion and agony are a back and forth that is visible throughout the journey.  As he starts to accept what is before him, the innocence of all comes full circle.  This leads into a third act that is humbling but expected, creating a climax that mirrors the reality of the truth.  The Father is a methodically driven tale of what can become of the human mind.  With strong acting and a superb script, this is truly a riveting film.  If you are a fan of the actors/actresses or like real-life dramas, this is one for you.  It is available on Prime Video, but it would be worth seeing at theaters.   

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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