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The LEGO Batman Movie – 4.5/5 – When it comes to animated films; they always bring a sense of raw vigor when it comes to the imagination.  What they do is take you into worlds unhinged by reality; allowing you to become part of an escapable presence.  There are times when one comes along that stands out by playing along additional layers of genre bending dynamics.  When this happens, it becomes more than just an imaginable tale; it is something that is memorable (Inside Out, Frozen).  The LEGO Batman Movie plays to a very specific comic book theme, but it then goes beyond the common traits and brings about something unexpected.  Even with some minimal distractions; The LEGO Batman Movie is a worthy animated film that stands out from the pack.

Premise: Bruce Wayne must deal with more than just villains; he must face the truth of what is Batman.

Across the board, the voice acting is superb.  There are many actors/actresses in this film, I would recommend referring to the film’s IMDb page for the full list.  Here are some of the standouts:

Will Arnett as Batman/Bruce Wayne

Zack Galifanakis as Joker

Michael Cera as Robin

Rosario Dawson as Batgirl/Barbara Gordon

These four do a great job in providing delicacy and bravado through their voices.  No matter which are on screen (including the secondary characters); they provide that unique distinctions of realism to animation.  There is a sense of fun and poignant detail in the delivery of lines.  Watching all the interactions, you see everything is done with smarts, quick wit and strong relationship building.  It is a sincere complexion of the imaginative within characterization.  This provides a world where it provokes true individualism.  Even as there is a sense of staying true to archetypes of ‘superheroes’ and ‘comic books’; it’s that double fold of obviousness that brings about a feeling of real people in this Lego World.

On the surface, the direction follows a standardized version of the comic book movie.  To be specific, it tackles the typical Batman story ‘by the books’.  When you look beyond the outline, you see an infusion through the ‘hook’ of commonality, but then it spins in a way where the overall nature of the lore becomes a characterization on itself.  The story takes on a unique perspective by mimicking the standard ‘comic book’ tropes within the layers of satire.  What this does is show the ‘Batman’ character in a detailed retrospective mirror against his ‘rogue gallery’ of villains.  This retrospective goes further through a breakdown effect.  What happens is a paralleling of clichés with rapid fire comical scenarios, over-the-top cheesy action and atypical relationship archetypes.  With this blend of oddities, it draws the audience into the world through an appealing atmosphere.  Here, you realize this is not just a typical animated film; it is one that draws fun and thrilling moments through a satirical complex of the folly attractions of the Batman lore.  In short; it becomes a big inside joke that trails into hilarious detail.  The jokes help bridge the gap between the diehard ‘comic book’ crowds and general audience; creating an animated film that provides social concepts and goofy light heard visuals that everyone (adults and kids) can enjoy.  The film then adds more layers through the wrinkle of the ‘origin’ tale of batman.  Instead of being typical, it presses this backstory within its satirical themes.  Once the film moves into its third act; it becomes a boiling pot of all the inside jokes, action and ‘license’ properties.  Once it reaches the climax, it brings about a predictable ending that shoves some of the mind-numbing action to the forefront.  Even when this happens, there is a shining light when the film brings you back to the strength of the tale in the epilogue.

The visuals are beyond excellent.  Like its predecessor (The Lego Movie); it does a magical job in blending a vast world of detail, color and surrounding perspective.  From the building structures to the panoramic view of Gotham city, the plethora of villain designs and the ominous allure of Wayne Manor; you feel as if this is a real place.  Seeing the infusion of Batman within the ‘Lego World’ helps provide a different kind of believability.  The music is something that only stands out when ‘Batman’ is singing.  Otherwise, it really doesn’t have a strong influence throughout the film.

The LEGO Batman Movie is one of those truly redefining kind of experiences.  It brings about another kind of imaginative tale through animation; one that adds layers through an experience of satire.  If you’re a fan of animated films, the previous Lego Movie or anything Batman; this is one for you.  This is a surefire great time at the theaters and worth the full price of admission.

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