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The Lion King (2019) – A Prideful Roar … Re-imagined

The idea of remakes stirs the emotions of those, new and old.  No matter if it’s a beloved title or well renowned to the world, remakes garner the attention of the masses.  Disney have been remaking many of their past catalog, bringing new life to their animated tales.  The next in line is, The Lion King (2019).  An animated tale that is near and dear to many (including myself), this is a remake that brings visuals that are beyond our imaginations.  The Lion King (2019) is a rediscovery of a classic that is good for the whole family.

The story follows a young cub named Simba, who faces certain trials to discover his rightful place in this world.  On the surface, there are no liberties taken, major changes to characters or scenes that stray from the obvious dramatic or comedic moments of the original.  This is the same story from the animated tale.  This might seem like an average experience, but the gravitas comes through the genuine recreation of the world.  You become enraptured by the delicate recreation of the savannahs, desolate wastelands, deserts and Pride Rock.  The realism brings about that genuine touch.  The director (Jon Favreau) frames scenes through action and subtlety to bring about characterization.  In framing shots through panoramic camera angles, simmering colors and authenticity of animal designs, it brings about emotional fervor to Simba’s journey.  Every memorable scene is recaptured with a realistic lens, giving the audience another perspective to the familiar.    

The first half is filled with reproductions of strong moments between Simba, Mufasa and Scar.  Once the story brings Timon and Pumbaa enter the fray, the film kicks into high gear.  From this point, the endearment is layered through the characters, bringing about strong intent to Simba’s journey.  Every important moment feels like it should, striking a balance between the visual prowess and familiar tones of the plot.  Once in the climax, everything boils down to the final confrontation of Simba and Scar.  This leads to a predictable outcome, bringing everything back to where the story began.  The Lion King (2019) is a reimaging that brings in some new elements to spruce up the familiar.  The predictable plot might take away for some, but there is enough to have a fun time at the theaters.  It is worth seeing, as a Matinee. 

Full Score – 3.5 out of 5 (Matinee)

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