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The New Mutants –  Powers of the Familiar: The Horror of Comics

A film that has been delayed for years has finally found the light of day.  Filled with promise and potential, The New Mutants showcases a story that is familiar but endearing.  Through a combination of genres, we travel back to the world of the X-men world (from Fox) one last time.  Even when things are predictable, The New Mutants provides enough for a fun experience.

The story follows five young mutants who are brought to an isolated institution after they begin to manifest their powers.  Being held against their will, they must work together if they will be able to escape the facility and past sins.  From the onset, you have a script that combines general comic book tropes trough characterized horror elements.  In the first half, you are introduced to the five individual mutants, doctor and facility.  Each of the young mutants are given situational scenes to explain (through conversation) their ability, flaws and parts of their past.  The audience gets a sense of each of their unique characteristics through the slow burn of conversational exposition.  The characters are great with subtle depth, but the overall story does not move beyond a surface level approach.  The centralized focus is on generalizing their powers and personal conflicts.  There is a genuine feel for the characters, but predictable situations and common dialogue leads to heavy foreshadowing of the upcoming conflict in the second half.

As the story moves along, the sins of the past start to manifest for each of the mutants.  Haunted by memories, the story begins to blend the comic book elements within horror.  This leads to an inquisitive mood, creating a heaviness for self-reflection.  As each of the characters confront their past, it leads to conflict that brings the truth to light.  The five band together to find a way to escape their past and the institution.  This leads into a climax that highlights their powers and brings wrap-up to everyone’s past.  The New Mutants has strength in its blending of genres and characters but does not go beyond its common script.  If you are a fan of comic books, horror or want to see this after so many delays, I say check it out.  It is fun time at the theaters, for the right price.        

Full Score – 3 out of 5 (Theater Discount)

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