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The Old Guard – Beyond Time … Forever in the Fight

It all begins with an idea.  In that one thought, everything swirls within the possibilities to be a fun journey.  That idea of potential is a balancing act for any story, including film.  In this new Netflix film, it tells the tale of facing truth of circumstance.  Through the endearment of life, The Old Guard provides a genuine journey through the familiar.  Even when things are generalized, The Old Guard is an adaptation that provides that fun, but recognizable escape.

When a covert group of immortal mercenaries are exposed, they face enemies on all fronts.  Fighting to preserve their secret, they must find answers to what it means to live.  In the beginning, the story builds a standard adaptation while layering themes within typical action tropes.  With the mercenaries exposed through a common setup, it leads to a character format of ‘heroes vs. villains’ through modern aesthetics and thematic appeal.  By creating a centralized focus on an idea (immortality), it allows for the action, characterization and linear directive to move seamlessly.  The generic application of the archetypes is obvious, but the relativity of the situation is driven by the struggle (of being immortal).  Seeing this creates a human reflection, leaving the possibilities of moral fortitude.  This is only heightened when a new immortal is discovered, creating a paradox.  As the layers are lifted on the truth, it leads to a foreshadowing of an ultimate confrontation.

As the story moves forward, it levels out the generalities through raw action, precise focused gunfights and authentic character interaction.  Through this, it creates the conflict that is driven by the theme.  Seeing reasons of what immortality is, it helps put into perspective motive of each character (on both sides).  As the mercenaries and villains come to the final confrontation, it is a mixture of top-notch action within a predictable outcome.  This leads to a climax of valued choices, leaving room for possibilities of more conflicts.  The Old Guard is an adaptation that moves through the familiar with unique ideas.  With strong action and themes, there is a lot of fun to be had.  If you are a fan of action or adaptation, this one for you.  It is available on Netflix, but it would be worth seeing at a matinee viewing.        

Full Score – 3.5 out of 5 (Matinee)

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