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The White Tiger – A Dramatic Roar: Rising Claws of the Unspoken

Looking at the defines of life, the struggles go beyond our own.  Trails are mixed with trivial manners, but what becomes can be riveting.  No matter what story is told, seeing how others live is recognizing the faults of our own design.  In this review, I look at a Netflix Original that showcases the struggle of stature.  A foreign film that captures the heart of characters, it strikes a balance of realism in the typical.  Even if things are indifferent, The White Tiger is a thrilling drama that shows the meaning of becoming your own person.   

The story follows an Indian man who becomes a driver to a prominent family in India.  Using his wit, he weaves through the societal chains to set free on his own path.  The foundation blends the ‘rags to riches’ outline within the cultural dynamics of the Indian society.  The journey centers around Balram (Adarsh Gourav), a young man who was not born into good situation.  In the beginning, we are introduced to his early childhood through narration, showcasing how circumstances (driven by convenient plot devices) force him into servitude to a wealthy Indian family.  The back and forth driven by the narration provides subtle exposition (some feeling force fed), but it allows the audience to ‘live through his eyes’ as he intersects with others along his journey.  This also allows for a cultural blend within characterization, giving a backdrop on how families become entangled in India’s societal dependency structure.  Even with his cuffed situation, Balram’s cunning nature provides a dynamic lens upon the aspect of choice.  It flushes the typical with a thematical presence that weaves realism in a journey built upon the flaws of human endeavor.  This brings a raw touch to the dramatical aspect of the plot.  Balram is innocent to things, but slowly grows to understand his position in certain situations.  As he becomes aware of things, his decisions have a ripple effect upon the rest of the characters.

As the story moves into the latter half, the clash of idealism and the current Indian society comes to the forefront.  Inserted through a fateful encounter, Balram is thrust into a crossroads of moral dilemma.  The aspect of his position leads to possibilities that challenge comfort, expectations and progress of human growth.  Seeing the ominous of the unknown, it leads him down a path of harden consequences.  When things come to head, the journey blends the narration within an epiphany like moment.  This reveals the truth in morality in which Balram faces purpose of living beyond his own guise.  Facing ultimate truths, it leads to a climax that shows the meaning to the twist of fates.  The White Tiger plays off a typical foundation that leads to a dynamic of cultural and character.  If you are a fan of foreign films or character journeys, this is one for you.  It is available on Netflix, but it would be worth seeing on the big screen.     

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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