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Thor: Love and Thunder – Heart of a God: An Asgardian Tale

To speak of film is to speak of the awe, wonder and escape.  Films provide that space where anyone can just be, free.  As you move through the endless array of stories, it is that poignant string that grips and becoming forever lasting, defining the adventure.  In this review, I look at the latest film from Marvel.  With this latest installment, we find the God of Thunder traveling on a funny but typical adventure.  Even as things are predictable, Thor: Love and Thunder takes you on a character tale that defines purpose … in living for something more.   

We have followed Thor (Chris Hemsworth) through many trials and tribulations.  Having faced many epic battles, he finds himself at a crossroads.  As a new conflict arise, will this bring him closer to what his true purpose is?  With this film, there is a sense of history with Thor (in the MCU).  Having had three solo outings (along with being part of the four Avenger films), there are many layers to this character.  Being the son of Odin, brother to Loki and a God, it provides many facades to his character.  With Odin and (main timeline) Loki dead, he is trying to find real purpose.  This inner search becomes the catalyst for this fourth solo film.  The story begins with an introductory prologue to the new threat, before using the drop-in method to Thor’s adventures with the Guardians.  After a montage of action sequences infused with silly humor, Thor learns about Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) and his murders across the universe.  After sequences filled with more silly moments and funny one-liners, Thor returns to New Asgard to defend against this new threat.  After things turn dire, he teams up with Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and Jane Foster/Mighty Thor (Natalie Portman) to set off on a mission to stop Gorr from achieving his goal.  These series of events move quickly, but the generalization is allowed because of previous films (in the MCU timeline).  With this latest entry, we have two main storylines (Jane becoming Mighty Thor and Gorr killing Gods) that move along the typical adventure like motif.  Even as things are predictable, it is the blending of comical situations, strong relationship building and unique world-building that makes the adventure something more.  Through the clichés is a subtle conflict that evolves, shining a light on the fragility of unforgiving life.  You see this fragility within Thor, Jane Foster and Gorr, a reflection that firmly grasps with emotional fortitude.  They are faced with uncertainty as they try to stay true to what is important to their convictions.  Through all the silliness, there is an emotional grip that slowly blurs the lines on the traditional ‘hero vs. villain’ tale. 

As Thor (and crew) confront Gorr, it becomes a conflict of wits and conviction that parallels amazing visuals of the action sequences.  As truth comes to light, they realize certain things will become inevitable.  With everything on the line, we head into a third act filled with unexpected consequences.  As we head into the typical ‘final confrontation’, it becomes something more with the infusion of comedic and dramatic fervor.  As emotions run high, it becomes a matter of heartfelt choices that make the climax resonate with the personal adventure (beneath the surface).  This leads into a profound epilogue that reflects on Thor’s true purpose.  Thor: Love and Thunder is an adventure that becomes something more on a personal scale.  If you are fan of Marvel, Thor, comic book or like fun adventure films, this is one for you.  This is another truly worthy film to see on the big screen.   

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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