Top 10 Films: Comedy

Top 10 Comedy Films


Tell me; do you like to laugh?   Do you like to find joy in something aloof, comical or absurd?   Asking something as rhetorical can also be considered hilarious; but I am not a comedian.  Even so, I enjoy comedies as much as the next person.  Comedy is something that hits at a specific part of us that can make an individual smile, cheer and downright cry in a good way.  It can come in the form of someone telling a joke, some ironic moment, or in a story told on the big screen.

Comedy films are some of most genuine tales, and the best to see on the big screen.  Jokes, moments and sometimes scenarios can be overplayed to the point of dulling the senses.  A comedy film can take those elements, spin them in precise positions with unique characters, and create an experience that stamps an inevitable mark on you.  What makes us laugh can also be something of a specific thought.  Out of all the genres that are found in the film industry, comedy is the one that generates an infinite type of responses.  One joke can make one person ball their eyes out; while others might not find the connection of what is funny.  Comedy goes far and wide; ranging in many different styles (slapstick, satirical, politic, blunt, dry, adult, etc).  Even in those styles, there are deeper aspect of cultural, social, sexual and age influences.   Everything is more subjective with comedies, but there is one specific thing that will define great one.  What makes a comedy great is it will find that pure middle ground; one where it is funny, original and has a great story.  A great comedy flows in this one direction; and create a film you can watch, feel and laugh more than once.  It is a film that can stand the test of time.  A great comedy will show you something purposeful and always make you laugh on that journey.

Being as subject as any list or review; this is going to be the most subject list I will post.  With that being said; here are my Top 10 Comedy films:

I heart huckabees10. I Heart Huckabees – To kick off this list is the most unique and weird comedies I have ever seen. Explanation of what this film is as subjective as the comedic elements. Even for the odd twist and turns this film goes through; the raw, weird and sensational interaction between the all-star cast creates something that is like a roller coaster ride for the very first time.  The colorful characters are the basic draw of the film.  Traditional comedic style is left to the side for original banter that will have you quoting to the final scene.




superbad9. Superbad – This is a film that falls in line with what we call ‘teen comedies’. This is one that can be best described as a ‘definite’ teen film of the new generation. With two friends dealing with their ‘lasting days of senior year’; Superbad does a great job in combining cliché characters with an original script; you will get downright funny situations that creates something refreshing and original within a repetitive premise.  You’ll be left with epic one-liners, funny situations and characters that will keep you screaming ‘McLovin’.




clerks 28. Clerks 2 – Sequels to comedies are mostly known to suck. As obvious as this might seem, there are exceptions to the rule. This is one of those exceptions.  A sequel 10 years in the making; this is a film that’s raunchy, hardcore, but deeply humanizing.  Everything from the raw and cultural jokes to the crazed characters like Jay and Silent Bob; Clerks 2 is one of Kevin Smiths most unique, original and humanistic tales.  Smith has a knack for blending raunchy humor with human tales; and this is one of his most pristine works to represent that.  No matter how many times you watch it; you’ll be thrilled while also getting some meaning from this tale of tales.




the hangover7. The Hangover – Originality is something that I repeat constantly, but it is something that helps a comedic film stands out. With originality, you can break molds. This was a film that broke the model of traditional adult comedies, and brought to the floor something that no one has seen before.  From the story, setting, characters; The Hangover does a great job in combining raunchy humor with unpredictable situations.   Even for the ho-hum sequels, this first one is one you can watch over and over and laugh even more the next time.




22 Jump Street6. 22 Jump Street – As mentioned before; sequels to comedies suck. If Clerks 2 was the first exception, this is the one that speaks volumes of how you can create a sequel but still be original a second time around. This film (out of all the ones on this list) gives some of the best ‘out-right’ laughable moments; while also playing with so many styles under one roof.  As I’ve mentioned in my review, it has every kind of comedic style in one film, but also does enough original content to push the characters further along.  If there is one film to recommend as a great comedy sequel, it is this one.




american pie5. American Pie – For any ‘teen comedy’ that can be called as one of the best; this is one that’s consider by many to be at the top of that last. A film that delves into the lasting years of adolescence in high school; this captures the soul of what any teen can relate to in their senior years. This film is created with an intuitive sense of adolescent humor.  Within that tale, you have multiple storylines converging on one night; Prom Night.  This film is one of the best at giving us a real teen comedy within a ‘coming-of-age’ tale.  You get a great feeling of real character growth with an everlasting stamp in the comedy realm.  With a very strong cast and relative situations; this is a film you will love, laugh and tear while watching over and over.



sideways4. Sideways – This is by far the most indifferent comedy film on my list. As much as it can be called a ‘comedy’; it also can be consider a ‘drama’. In film terms; this is known as a Dramaedy.  Basically, it is a fusion of a dramatic story with comical satire; usually with some kind of ‘life’ theme.  Sideways is a film that follows two friends on a trip through Wine Country in California.  This film never wavers from what makes it raw, its human tale of two friends and how they deal with love, life and changes in their life.  This is brought out by their interactions with each other as well as other people they find on their journey.  The strong banter and ‘situations’ are satirical as much as they are real.  This (in turn) creates that fusion of drama and comedy; where you’re laughing but also grow with the characters.  This is one of the best to do that fusion, and one that can be watched on repeated occasions.


office space3. Office Space – This is a film that’s considered a cult classic. From the characters, story and the downright mixture of one-liners; dry humor and satirical moments; you’ll be quoting and laughing at the same time.  With a lot of focus on the life of an ‘office worker’; this film takes a spin of the most mundane of tasks and creates situations that are outrageous but hilarious.  This is also one of those comedies that grow better with age; like a great fine wine. Straight and to the point, if you’ve never seen this; watch it and thank me later.




the big lebowski2. The Big Lebowski – When it comes to dark comedies; it is hard to cash in on being one that can stands beyond the first viewing. Dark comedies are that way because of the themes they touch upon. With having an influence on more violent and crude style tones; dark comedies don’t always hit the high mark as one to watch.  This is one of the few exceptions.  With enough unique elements like the main character (The Dude); preposterous situations and original storytelling; The Big Lebowski is not just dark in its roots; but downright hilarious in its execution.   When you create enough moments from the characters; story and situations; you get a film that delivers a mulling of sensations.  Story defines what makes a film funny, and this one does a great job in that.  Even with that being said; it fails to make my number one spot.



The 40 Year Old Virgin1. The 40 Year Old Virgin – Out of all the films on this list; there is just one that hits the marks of what I believe defines a great comedy. With Steve Carell in his breakout role as the 40 year old virgin Andy; we get to see him test the waters of trying to get over that ‘virgin’ mark while also dabbling in themes of friendship, passion and love. With a great supporting cast, we get some of the most quotable and funniest moments in any film; ones that make you laugh each and every time.  The 40 Year Old Virgin is a pure comedic film that hits all the marks.  It finds that pure middle ground with its original story; while blending it with great characters, situations and comical moments into one directional flow.  It plays with all the comedic styles while combining it seamlessly with heart and meaning.  It goes beyond being a great comedy film; it is definitely a great classic of the comedy genre.  This is why The 40 Year Old Virgin is my number one comedy film.

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