Top 10 Films: Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Top 10 Fantasy/Sci-Fi films

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The allure of the imagination; it is a feeling that births many new things.  The great thing about the imagination is that it spawns a slew of fantastical stories worth telling.  No matter if its short stories, poems, books or even TV series, there are many fanatical things created with the initial start founded in our imagination.  The same case can be found with many films.

When the imagination spurs on an intriguing idea, we escape into the creation of that world.  This is what we call the subset genres of Fantasy and Sci-fi.  Two very distinct genres that can be complex, but can also provide a wealth of enjoyment, excitement and plausibility in its ironic stance.  The one thing that makes fantasy/sci-fi stories pure fun is that escape they provide.  The greatness of these kinds of films is that when you escape into their worlds, you can honestly ‘feel’ as if you’re a part of them.  A great sci-fi/fantasy film will break you of the implausible facts and create a sense of real visuals that make you believe the characters, feel the situations and create an emotional attachment that leads to an unforgettable experience.

As with many things, this is a list that fits my whole argument above.  These ten films define true escapism, and create a place that is surreal but ironically real in the eyes of the viewer.  Also, this list will ‘bunch’ some films as one, as that is how I see the films as … one whole story.  With that being said, here are my Top 10 fantasy/Sci-Fi films.




stardust10. Stardust – This is an underrated fantasy film. Coming out in the late 2000s, it is a wondrous journey of one man into a magical realm; with a promise to retrieve a fallen star for his love. The fun and crazed journey this man goes onto turns into a whimsical story, one full of great characters, lively situations and magical sensational moments.  Directed by a great director (Matthew Vaughn); this is a film that’s a welcome start to my Fantasy/Sci-FI list.




district 99. District 9 – This film combines great Sci-fi elements with very strong human themes. With ideals of discrimination and ‘second-class’ citizen, District 9 breathes human values into the core of this Sci-Fi story. The originality in its concept (Alien refugees on Earth); it follows one man as he copes with his situation while also finding the true heart of these aliens.  From the great CGI combined with the grounded visuals of Johannesburg, you will find something amazing in this film.




The Neverending Story8. The NeverEnding Story – This film holds a dear place in my heart; as being one of the first fantasy films that changed what I see in films. Dealing with a troubled boy, he runs away and dives into a fantastical world through a mysterious book. The allure of the story is based on the raw concept of escapism.  As much as the boy escapes into this fantastical world, you do the same as him through his own eyes.  That sensationalized concepts are surreal, it grasps the essence of innocence within its fantastical world. This is a definite watch for anyone who has never seen it.



Minority Report7. Minority Report – A Spielberg film that is considered a throw-away to some; I consider it a definite Sci-Fi classic. This can also be considered an ‘underrated’ flick as well, but it still shows the pure creative essence that makes Spielberg great. Where the greatness lies is the combination of real life situations with Sci-FI elements.  This film deals in a future where a special police unit arrests murderers before they commit their crimes.  The ideas of ‘prevention’ vs. ‘truth and privacy’ are one that is put the forefront in this film.  Even if a future is predicted, how that future turns out may not be what it seems.  With a great stellar cast and main lead (Tom Cruise); this is a film that can be watched over and over while providing real human themes worth discussing.



jurassic park6. Jurassic Park – Speaking of Spielberg again, this is another great film from him. Consider a definite classic among many movie fans; Jurassic Park is a film that captures the ideals of a true fantastical world infused into reality.  With the ideas of a real ‘park of dinosaurs,’ that childhood feeling is captured in the pure awe of seeing dinosaurs, through the characters of the film.  The film does a great job in providing true spectacular moments with the ‘worst case’ scenario of dealing with the vicious reality of being trapped on an island full of dinosaurs.  I don’t need to explain anymore about this film, as it will WOW you in its visuals as much as the characters emotional turmoil of being trapped in the park.



Gravity5. Gravity – This is a film that created the true ‘experience’ of the terrifying reality of space. Explained thoroughly in my review, The CGI infused techniques used provides raw atmospheric tension; which is both riveting and scary. From the great eye of director Alfonso Cuaron; this is a film that will provide a thrilling, intense experience.





the matrix4. The Matrix – A film from the Wachowski; it not only provides a world of surreal possibilities, but also provides new and inventive techniques when it comes to action, fighting and overall world creation. When a computer hacker learns about the true nature of reality, he is thrown into a war against the machines. The allure of this movie is brought through a combination of the inventive world, intuitive storytelling and unique characters.  From some memorable characters to extreme sensationalized action scenes, you will get a film that defines the meaning of true escape from reality.




pans labyrinth3. Pan’s Labyrinth – A film from famed Guillermo Del Toro; this is considered one of the top 10 films of the past decade. A film that captures a very ‘dark side’ on the ideals of fairytales, this foreign fantasy film will combine realistic themes and situations within a very captivating fantasy world. Stuck in fascist 1944 Spain, we follow a young girl as she escapes the truth of her reality through an imaginative realm. Through the dark but captivating visuals, characters and overall thematic story, you will enjoy escaping on this fantastical and somewhat eerie ride of a film.




star wars2. The Original Star Wars Trilogy – George Lucas is the man that had the vision to create what becomes a game changer since its initial inception. Star Wars breathes greatness in many facades when it comes to the ideals of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. The hardship of watching the prequels aside, the original trilogy is what redefined cinema as we know it.  Spectacular worlds, memorable characters and a heartfelt story, Star Was is a classic that is considered one the best Sci-Fi stories ever told.  As much as these films are dear to many, there is another trilogy that is truly endearing to me.




lotr1. Lord of the Rings Trilogy – Middle Earth; A true world of the pure creation ideal of imagination. From the colorful and unique places, we follow a young hobbit (Frodo) on a very fantastical journey as he is task with destroying the one ring, before it tears apart his home and world.  I honestly don’t need to explain in depth how wonderful these films are.  As a whole (like Star Wars) it comes into its own as one story in its trilogy.  A definite classic of a fantasy film; the purity of its world and its raw/riveting characters; this is a film that provides the essence of escapism.  The endearment of the all the characters are one that strikes my core, and the reason it is my number one fantasy/sci-fi film.

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