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The Predator – 2/5 – Movie Reviews by Ry!

The Predator – 2/5 –  Arriving to September usually means a low point at the theaters.  For all its worth, you want to enjoy anything you watch on the big screen.  When you get this to this month, it is the time where you experience a plethora of mostly subpar films (with a few minor […]

Searching – 3.5/5 – Movie Reviews by Ry!

Searching – 3.5/5 – Gimmicks, they can make or break any form of art.  No matter the medium, using a specific device to exude artistry can grab varied attention.  No matter how you get your audience, if that device is used with a creative touch, it will provide a fun experience.  Searching uses a mixture […]

Against All Odds: Diversity of Film – The Ry Perspective

Against All Odds: Diversity of Film   Film has been part of my life since I saw Poltergeist at the age of 5.  With everything I have seen since then, what is at the core of my experience is diversity.  No matter if it’s different genres or navigating past American Cinema, the intrigue of new […]

Crazy Rich Asians – 3.5/5 – Movie Reviews by Ry!

Crazy Rich Asians – 3.5/5 – Romantic Comedies, a genre filled with predictable storylines and happy endings.  Also known as a Rom-Com, what makes them worth watching is that idea of capturing the essence of the characters.  When the story can gravitate towards the endearing journey of individuals in love, it becomes remarkably entertaining.  Crazy […]

The Meg – 2.5/5 – Movie Reviews by Ry!

The Meg – 2.5/5 –  In the world of film, there is a genre known as a Creature Feature.  The basic concept surrounds a beast and their journey throughout a specific setting.  No matter how many clichés and redundancies, if the creature provides amazing display of shock and awe, it is entertaining.  The Meg takes […]