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Creed – 4.5/5 – Movie Reviews by Ry!

Creed – 4.5/5 – There is something to bed said about storytelling.  The purpose of storytelling (in any form) is to engross the audience into believing some purpose.  There is supposed to be something where you feel for the characters through thick and thin.  When it comes to this film; having a great story revolves […]

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 – 3/5 – Movie Reviews by Ry!

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 – 3/5 – It has come to the final come; the final film of a series.  In the light of the others; there isn’t much that can be said here.  With a story coming to a close, there is a sense of certain approaches to expect.  With the Hunger […]

The Peanuts Movie – 3.5/5 – Movie Reviews by Ry!

The Peanuts Movie – 3.5/5 – Nostalgia; it is a feeling that most have when it comes to something that pertains to something in our childhood.  It is this feeling of attachment that makes things blossom into something great.  Charlie Brown is a very well known character, one that has lived through many generations.  I […]

Spectre – 3.5/5 – Movie Reviews by Ry!

Spectre – 3.5/5 – James Bond is one of the most iconic names in the film industry.  The movies of espionage and spies have gone through many incarnations, but one staple has been the James Bond films.  Through the decades, we have seen some highs and lows; but through it all they have all been […]

Crimson Peak – 3.5/5 – Movie Reviews by Ry!

Crimson Peak – 3.5/5 – Originality; it is something that gets lost in today’s films.  With a plethora of remakes, adaptations and sequels; Original content becomes hard to find (but they do exist).  Even if a film spins a new/original tale; it doesn’t always mean it will turn out great either.  Crimson Peak (a film […]