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A Walk Among the Tombstones – 3.5/5 – Movie Reviews by Ry!

A Walk Among the Tombstones – 3.5/5 – Liam Neeson is a man of many faces.  He is an actor who can play in many kinds of film.  No matter if it’s being great in dramatic roles, or kicking ass in action oriented tales, he stands out on top always.  Even in bad films, Neeson […]

The Drop – 3/5 – Movie Reviews by Ry!

The Drop – 3/5 –   September has become (in the past few years) a month littered with ‘just good’ but ‘not good enough’ films.  Because of this mix bag of filming, it makes it hard to judge how this ‘transition month’ will be.   When it comes to this film, it is one filled with a […]

A Most Wanted Man – 4.5/5 – Movie Reviews by Ry!

A Most Wanted Man – 4.5/5 – Espionage styled stories are a very delicate but rewarding tales.  When they are done right, they are wonderful to read, and especially wonderful to watch on the big screen.  I for one appreciate a good spy film.   When this genre hits its mark, it usually is brought together […]

Begin Again – 4/5 – Movie Reviews by Ry!

Begin Again – 4/5 – Surprised; that is a reaction you normally don’t get when watching a film of this stature.   Regardless of what movie you watch, you aren’t usually thrown a curve ball.  When it does happen, you find that the experience is something unexpected.  Begin Again is that movie that isn’t on anyone’s […]

Inside Llewyn Davis – 3.5/5 – Movie Reviews by Ry!

Inside Llewyn Davis – 3.5/5 –  When you watch movies, you always have a sense of wanting it to be amazing, no matter what the genre is.   There are times though, when you come to realize; feelings have to be tempered expectations.  Regardless of anything; you just come to know that with temperament, some movies […]