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Avatar: The Way of Water – Ocean Waves of Family: This is Pandora

Into the world, out towards the endless.  As we step forward, we tackle turmoil with consequence, building character through failures and triumphs.   These moments are snapshots of memories, a journey defined by experiences.  These experiences come in many forms, especially in the world of film.  In this latest review, I look at a film that breathes life into a worldly escape.  This is a story that takes us through a fantastical realm, showing the familiar with awe and wonder.  Avatar: The Way of Water is a wonderous tale that displays the strength of family in a visual masterpiece.

It has been years since the Navi defeated the sky people (humans), forcing them to leave Pandora.  All seems peaceful for Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), until old threats return.  With his family by his side, Sully will have to traverse new worlds and find the strength to fight once more.  When it comes to James Cameron, he is known for pushing the cinematic experience to its limits.  Within his catalog of directorial efforts, he has created some of the most entertaining experiences on the big screen.  With this being the sequel to the highest grossing film of all time, there is a high bar to cross.    In the beginning, through an in-depth prologue (with voice narration), we are reintroduced to the world of Pandora.  Within the visual spectacle, we are reintroduced to Sully and Neytiri as they lead the forest clan and start to raise a family.  As we move through a montage of world-building scenes with the Navi, conflict comes in the form of the sky peoples’ return to Pandora.  Through more linear directive and convenient plot driven moments, Sully faces a choice of inevitable consequences.  After a quick action set-piece, we head into the second act of further word-building (through the introduction of the water tribes), familial themes, and characterization of Sully, Neytiri and others (in the film).  The simplistic aspect of the directive does not deter from the exposure to the world.  The general storytelling provides a grip (for the audience), creating an experience where you understand and feel what it is like to live on Pandora.  The onus of struggle plays against the backdrop of a living/breathing world, furthering the emotional fervor through the visual prowess of the CGI created environment.  Seeing Sully and Neytiri interact with different Navi on Pandora brings a level of humanistic overtures to the fantastical.  You fall into an escape of indelible detail, whisk away by the intricacies that makes this more than just another imaginary adventure. 

Within their new home, the riveting detail builds within the strength of themes, highlighting the clash that happens within the familial dynamic.  All the ideas of what it means to growing up (no matter what the age), come across wholesomely on an individual scale.  The aspect of detail builds within genuine conversation and visual quips, leaving the audience to feel like they feel.  As the journey continues down a path of assimilation and self-discovery, it brings in that hope of relativity for Sully when the sky people find his location.  With everything threatened again, he stands at a crossroads.  These moments lead into a third act and climax that highlights the greatness of James Cameron’s skills as a filmmaker.  Avatar: The Way of Water is a simple tale within a visual masterpiece.  If you are a fan of James Cameron, fantastical adventures or want an escape, this is one for you.  This is worth seeing at the theaters, a full price experience.

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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