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Emma – Movie Reviews by Ry!

Emma – Satire in Time, Love is Folly Period pieces can bring the splendid of the unknown.  By putting focus on a certain era, it brings audiences to times where the serene of the old becomes a journey anew.  Marked by genres and storytelling, it is the strength of characters that make the escape a […]

I, Tonya– Movie Reviews by Ry!

I, Tonya – Ice and Glory: The Skating of Truth Living through story, it is something that audiences’ feel when watching the big screen.  This journey can be filled with delightful thoughts or timid emotions, especially for real events.  Watching true stories unfold can bring different perspectives, especially for famed figure skater, Tonya Harding.  In […]

Onward – Movie Reviews by Ry!

Onward – Finding Magic: A Quest of Brotherhood     The imagination is filled with amazing things.  From the position of colors in a painting to the depth of description in a romantic novel, diving into worlds can be a matter of how far can you go?  Pixar is an animated studio that has pushed these […]

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising – Movie Reviews by Ry!

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising – Heart of Heroes … Plus Ultra!!!     Anime, a niche that is full of imagination and excitement.  This form of entertainment gives you a limitless expanse of the character(s)’ journey.  From wholesome romance to the bombastic quest of powerful beings, watching it unfold through anime reveals a genuine touch.  […]

The Invisible Man – Movie Reviews by Ry!

The Invisible Man – Horror of the Past: A Disappearing Act … Remade    Horror is a genre that pushes forward imagination to certain extremes.  It is a style that blends reality and fantasy, creating a niche experience that reflects upon artistry of the beholder.  The fault of this genre is within the repetition of […]