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Pet Sematary – Movie Reviews by Ry!

Pet Sematary – The Meow of Fear Horror is one of the hardest genres to tackle on the big screen.  The idea of creating an experience of fear can be cumbersome for the director.  No matter how it comes to be, horror can only be good if it knows what it is from the start.  […]

SHAZAM! – Movie Reviews by Ry!

SHAZAM! – Speak Hero for Magical Fun The idea of the superhero brings about many things.  For some, it is an icon worth idolizing, for others it is a chance to escape through imagination.  No matter what, superheroes bring about reasons worth exploring intuitive storytelling.  Shazam!, a superhero based in the DC lore, brings about […]

Dumbo – Movie Reviews by Ry!

Dumbo – Flight of a Simple Fairytale Remakes, a kind of film that is always compared to the original.  No matter if its adapting to a different medium or reimagined for modern times, remakes put the audience in a peculiar dilemma.  How do you look at a remake without ever thinking – the original did […]

Us – Movie Reviews by Ry!

Us – The Horrors of Identity From the on goings of reality to the sensations of the unknown, the slight tinge of tense emotions can cause us to think of something scary.  When you think about horror, the thoughts that pertain to storytelling is linked to those tense moments.  From the common slasher films, the […]

Captain Marvel – Movie Reviews by Ry!

Captain Marvel – Comic Book Origins: A 90’s Tale MCU films have become an event for the masses.  No matter if you’re ingrained in the comic books or are a fan of the films (overall), many want to watch these blockbusters on the big screen.  Marvel has mastered the art of storytelling within their own […]