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The Gentlemen – Movie Reviews by Ry!

The Gentlemen – Criminal of Class: A Character’s Tale In a world of blockbusters, the journey can get overshadowed by the visual prowess of the spectacle.  From the simple to the sophisticated, the driving force of dialogue can be the most enthralling detail of a film.  Within this world of blockbusters, this new Guy Ritchie […]

Booksmart – Movie Reviews by Ry!

Booksmart – Eve of Memories: High School Friendship … Anew       We all look back at our high school days in fondness.  This feeling always brings you back to those great times you will never forget with friends.  These memories have been captured on the big screen through many different classics and genres.  In this […]

Bad Boys for Life – Movie Reviews by Ry!

Bad Boys for Life – Action and Nostalgia, Strength of Comradery     Returning to old franchises can be a hard sell.  Years between sequels can level out the excitement of what something once was popular.  There is always a bright spot in returning to something old, but most of the time it falls in disarray for […]

Weathering with You – Movie Reviews by Ry!

Weathering with You – A Storm of the Heart, Anime and Love     Anime, a form of art that is amazing to the eye.  From the cutest aspect of character designs to the epic stylings of the outrageous fights, anime is much more than a general cartoon.  What makes this genre so great is the purity […]

Like a Boss – Movie Reviews by Ry!

Like a Boss – A Generic Make-Up of Comedy     When it comes to film, enjoyment is in the eye of the beholder.  From drama to action, being engrossed by the escape is knowing, there is a niche for everything.  No matter the genre, you will always find a way to be entertained in the most […]