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Avengers: Endgame – Endings with New Beginnings … Assemble

Walking into a theater, you never know what you will experience.  From laughter to tears, a film’s story can take you to places unimaginable.  In that escape, the emotional fervor rises as you see it unfold on the big screen.  With a slight smirk and a movement forward in your seat, you only want to see more.  That experience comes full circle when it is a saga that you’ve been watching since its inception.  22 films and 11 years, a dedication of fans new and old alike, you are witness to the culmination of a dream that can only be described as amazing.  Avengers: Endgame might play familiar at parts, but it is that journey that makes you feel, it is worth it.

There is a lot of precedence to a film of this magnitude.  From its multiple callbacks to the focus of the aftermath, many of the surviving Avengers are left with the thought, ‘what comes next’?  At the heart of Endgame is how the survivors live in this new world.  There is a lot to discover within the familiar context of the ‘comic book’ elements, but being part of the MCU, it puts the discovery in the individual.  The characterization of the original 6 Avengers drives the momentum of the story.  From heart-to-heart conversations to the reveling of comic hijinks, everything is naturally appealing because of the grounded element that surrounds the characters.  Watching them maneuver their faults, you know their purpose in trying to undue ‘The Snap’.  As things progress, the emotional buildup of each task puts a complexion of unpredictability, creating a true sense of the fragility of any plan they mount against Thanos.  

Going any further into details would only lean into spoiler territory.  So, the rest of this review will remain vague.  At the heart of the story are its characters.  There journey becomes yours, creating an intricate detail that comes from every past conflict.  No matter how amazing the action is, the intricate detail of worlds or the emotional toll, you come to find that this single story is an event built upon many characters with everlasting experiences.  It is story that may come again in some form, but the success of pulling off what was pulled off here won’t come for another generation.  Until then, Avengers: Endgame is everything a comic book movie is, but pushes the limits of its archetypes, tropes and scenarios to an extreme that no one could ever imagine was possible.  22 films and 11 years later, Avengers: Endgame is the crowning achievement of Marvel’s storytelling of The Infinity Saga.   

Full Score – 5 out of 5 (Legendary)

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