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Avengers: Infinity War – 5/5 – Ten years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been one of the most amazing experiences to see unfold for a comic book nerd like me.  Watching each new wrinkle in the story come to life provides us with deep character development, intuitive storytelling and most of all, the willingness to achieve something that had never been done before on the big screen.  With the lead up of 19 films, Marvel Studios has brought these films, characters and stories together with a precision that pits all to face an undying truth, this is the beginning of the end.  Avengers: Infinity War is simply an event like no other film before it.  Bringing together characters to face a universal threat, the outcome is something that will leave you breathless.  Simply put it, Avengers: Infinity War is not just a comic book film or another sequel, it is a film experience of a lifetime.

Unlike my traditional reviews, I am going to stray away from my typical format of describing the acting, direction, script, visual and score.  The reason is to put the overall description of the event at the forefront and to prevent me from using spoilers.  To begin, I present the film’s main plot:

Thanos is on the hunt for all six Infinity Stones to achieve one goal; to bring balance to the universe.  The Avengers and Guardians must come together to take on this death laden threat.

This premise will come across as simplistic (which it is) but the scope of what is at stakes to the brevity of each character brings out a poignant layer to the journey ahead.  The literal interpretation might make you believe that the Avengers and Guardians are up against the typical ‘comic book’ villain archetype, but Thanos is more complex than his CGI creation.  From the beginning, you know what is at stake.  From this start through each thread in the film, Thanos becomes a blend of the protagonist and antagonist to the universe.  He is a character that will bring you a true understanding of why his cause is right.  Creating a character that is a threat but a pariah filled with thoughtful explanation and moral fortitude pushes the ‘humanity’ aspect of his persona to the forefront.  His cause may seem blindly righteous, but it ironically makes sense.  This creates that moral ambiguity when he is pitted against the rest of the Avengers and Guardians.  Each side has worth in the fight, but what is truly the worthy cause?  There are no right/wrong or good/bad tropes used, its life against fate.  Ideology, purpose and hope straddles along a fragile line that creates an emotional heaviness that stays strong throughout the story.  As you watch Thanos go on the hunt for the stones, his interaction with everyone allows the audience to witness a strong connection with each character.  Built through 10 years of films in the MCU, you understand each little thread, background and personality that comes through each actor/actress.  Seeing the returning cast brings to light the gravity to their lives, challenges and sacrifices they might have to do.   From the Guardians to the Avengers, you are gripped for their fight against Thanos.

The grip of each character helps build upon the emotional heaviness that lives with the dynamic of each path that is taken.  Beyond the storyline, you become a witness to a universe in peril.  From the minute the film starts, you are in for a ride.  With each stone he gets, Thanos seems unstoppable.  From the intimate interactions, the adrenaline rush of action set pieces and the climactic battle, there is purpose.  This allows for  each piece of dialogue and reference to have real consequence.  The purpose of this is to allow for a genuine payoff of keeping up with the MCU films.  With a commitment of 10 years to this franchise, you see that the overall threads strike you hard with a visceral punch.  The highs and lows, the cinematic impressions and outright improbable outcomes, you feel the threats, believe the triumphs, and yearn for what comes next.

Seeing the unfolding of the next chapter in the MCU makes everything before meaningful.  This is more than just a sequel.  Avengers: Infinity War brings results, conclusions, explanation and expansion to something that continues to grow.  Whether Thanos is truly right or wrong to take on this task, the belief that there are consequences are felt strongly in this film.  From beginning to the end (including a post credit scene) you will be left with gratification that is nothing like you’ve felt before.  To go along with Black Panther (earlier this year) this is simply another masterpiece from Marvel.  Bravo!

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