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Blue Beetle – A Hero’s Tale of Family and Heart

Into the ocean, into the waves.   As people, we move forward into the unknown, but always notice a familiar touch.  This is true for many things, including film.  To tell a tale can bring about a riveting sensation, but it can sometimes mimic past elements.  For all that is similar, you only hope to have a good time.  In this review, I look at the latest DC/comic book film.  In a story of relative means, it is a journey of mixed enjoyment.  Even with a lot of predictability, Blue Beetle is a hero’s journey that shows the meaning of family and heart.

This is the story of Jaime Reyes (Xolo Mariduena) and his journey in becoming … the Blue Beetle.  On the surface, this film is built on the basics of the hero’s tale.  In the beginning, we come into this film through the drop-in method, a showcase of the Blue Scarab in a loose threaded prologue.  From here, we move into the first act with a basic introduction to Jaime and the Reyes family.  After a sequence of familial bonding, fragmented humor and convenient moments, Jaime ends up bonding with the Blue Scarab.  As he slowly becomes ‘symbiotic’ with the artifact, we head into a second act of familiar comic book tropes, highlighting the ‘reluctant hero’ adapting to their newfound powers.  The montage is predictable, but the aspect of family and innocence helps add a charm to the hero’s tale.  As Jaime (and his family) get a grip of this new situation, they come into conflict with Kord Industries, leading to a sequence of fun action and layered exposition.  As the journey moves along the basic outline, what continues to pull (the audience) is the genuine aspect of family and culture.  Seeing a different spin on the hero’s tale helps provide enjoyment, a wholesome appeal that showcases realism in the fantastical.  For all that could pull the film into monotony, it is the family that provides the heart to the story.

As new information is provided to Jaime (and his family), this leads to pivotal scenes of individual conflict and hardship.  With Kord Industries revealing their true intent, this leads to a third act of cheesy moments, interesting familial dynamic and the typical hero vs. villain motif.  With Jaime coming to terms as the ‘hero’, this provides a path towards the triumph climax and a wholesome epilogue.  Blue Beetle is a comic book film that plays along familiar tropes but has enough heart for a good time.  If you are a fan of comic book films, DC comics or fantasy, this is one for you.  I say it is a good time at the theaters, fun for the whole family.

Full Score – 3.5 out of 5 (Matinee)

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