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Demon Slayer: Mugen Train – Blood, Hope and Tragedy: Spirits of the Blade

Through the winds of somber, one finds a place of uncertainty.  For better or worse, it will give a sense of purpose that connects with relative value.  These connections provide a bridge for character and story, creating a path of genuine worth.  In this review, I look at an anime film that brings meaning of the journey.  Within an escape of its medium, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train is not just another anime.  It becomes a meaningful story of the journey ahead.   

When unexplained disappearances happen upon a Japanese train line, the Demon Slayer corps enlist a young crew to investigate.  When matters turn for the worst, Tanjiro Kamado (voiced: Natsuki Hanae) and company must find the strength to stop an unstoppable threat.  The outline becomes a mixture of basic investigation and action elements, centering around the demon slayers finding the main cause of the disappearances.  In the beginning, you have a general setup of characters and setting using the drop-in method.  There is no forced expositions or over-exaggerated explanations, it is an organic leveling of the Demon Slayer lore (Manga/Anime).  As the crew begins to investigate, the mystery creates an unusual auspicious tone.  This allows for the obvious to become red herrings, creating the illusion of safety.  When the group falls into the enemy’s trap, it moves from general investigative/action tropes to a character focused narrative.  Using ‘dream like’ scenarios, the fantastical becomes enraptured within a realistic motif, bringing forward questions of the heart.  As things seem dire, this portion provides the audience with a window of endearment.  By leveling what others face (within), it gives a chance for the fragility (of each character) to shine.  The infallible strength brings contrast to the inner sense of the spirit, creating a crossroads for Tanjiro and others.  As there is a struggle to want something to be, the acceptance of truth becomes the springboard to their outward strengths.  Tragedies become an honest reflection of what each must do, here and onward.

As the group face individual inner battles, revelation of the true threat comes to the forefront.  It becomes a race against time, as Tanjiro must be calculative when protecting the passengers and face against an unstoppable force.  The story builds upon its character motif, providing a steppingstone that brings the strength of the individual through the vibrance of the animation.  The level of detail creates an aura of depth, bringing emotional value to every slice of the blade.  When things seem to be turning in the hero’s favor, this leads into a final act of unexpectedness.  At one final crossroads, the question of the past becomes part of the present, bringing what it means to be a demon slayer.  This leads to dire consequences, bringing us to a climax of tragedy and hope.  Demon Slayer: Mugen Train is a story that provides level of detail that showcases worth beyond its medium.  If you are a fan of anime, action or escapism, this is one for you.  It is worth the full price at the theaters.     

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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