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Free Guy – Fantasy and Love: A Gamer’s Paradise

The everlasting of certainty begins in the humblest of signs.  Within that delight, it pushes us into that light.  Thinking of all that life can be, the simplest pleasure can provided that enjoyable ride.  In this review, I look at a film that brings the fantastical into threads so poignant.  A story framed in the surreal, it positions an ominous sense in the irony of reality.  Even when things seem for not, Free Guy shows that games can go beyond digits and frames.

The story follows Guy (Ryan Reynolds), a person living a simple life in Free City.  Believing there is more out there, a choice encounter turns his world upside down.  With a new lease on life, will he find his true purpose?  Watching this film, it is a story of two different things.  The first is the thematic appeal of finding purpose.  In the beginning, you are introduced to this theme through the foundational aspects of the story.  We are brought into this world through the narration provided by Guy.  Through his explanation, we find out that the citizens of Free City play certain roles that are meant to help the sunglass people.  The citizens ‘believe’ that they are only meant to do certain things and can never diverge from these paths.  Fearing the unknown, Guy goes about his days, living as bank teller and taking unnatural beatings from the sunglass people.  After repeated scenarios driven by one-liners, bombastic antics and physical humor, he starts to believe there is more than these simple routines.  Through conversational exposition, the theme begins to reveal ominous truths to the oddities that encompass the world of Free City.  This revelation (through convenient plot devices) comes when Guy meets Millie (Jodie Comer), one of the sunglass people.  The audience avatar archetype begins to evolve, as Guy experiences certain emotional fervor.  This leads to the second aspect of the film; a subtle tale of romantic endearment.

With the introduction of the romantic angle, it brings in a new layer of realistic consequences.  Guy’s interactions with Millie adds depth to his character (and the world), providing girth to the dynamic between the citizens and sunglass people.  Their relationship leads to certain revelations, providing a whimsical nuance where the loose threads begin to play within the fanatical elements of the story.  Faced with certain decisions to make, Guy’s quest leads through an array of stylized action, uncanny dialogue, physical humor and unexpected cameos.  Having a new look at his purpose in the city, Guy believes even more in that stronger purpose, leading to a third act that brings both aspects together.  With everything on the line, it leads into a climax of a feel good that is most deserving for Guy.  Free Guy is a feel good story that combines fantastical elements through an unorthodox kind of romance.  If you are a fan of Ryan Reynolds or like something that is genuine, this is one for you.  This is truly worth seeing at the theaters.

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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