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Good Boys – Crude and Innocent: The Dog Days of Middle School

Comedy is truly in the eye of the beholder.  In making someone laugh is all about relevancy.  If you can bring the audience to that point, all the faults (in a script) will be pushed away by the funny.  In this old school rewind review, I look back at a raunchy comedy about middle schoolers.  With familiar detail in a unique premise, Good Boys brings you a lot of laugh-out-loud moments.  It might be basic, but Good Boys shows that there are no boundaries for kids and hilarity.      

Three middle schoolers embark on an epic journey to help one in the group.  With everything on the line, will these boys be able to complete their mission in time for the party?  The script uses the basic formula of any raunchy comedy; a general introduction to the main/ancillary characters, a key incident and a journey of character(s) growth.  For this story, the foundation centralizes on three best friends from middle school.  Using the drop in method, the audience gets to see how they interact between school, family and other kids in their everyday lives.  The common occurrences are littered with clichés, but the familiar is heighten by the raw conversations blended within the young and innocence.  This provides wholesome appeal, creating a crossroads of laughter and sincerity.  After the introduction, the key incident (Invited to a kissing party) leads them down a series of convenient mishaps that provides conflict of unexpected proportions (for middle schoolers).  Faced with a unique conflict, the linear directive pushes generalization through an endearing feeling of friendship.  The trivial nature of the direction is dampened by common tropes, but it is the crude humor, blunt dialogue and random encounters that creates situations of raw humanistic appeal.  By seeing how sixth graders deal with the nature of growing up, it leads to enjoyment and relevancy.

As their journey unfolds, the boys come across unique situations that propels their friendship to the forefront.  This leads to a growth in their relationships, creating a window of self-discovery for each of the boys.  The comedy and character growth blend seamlessly to create thematic appeal for the audience.  As they come to a crossroads of revelation, it leads into a climax that is common but welcome.  This creates an epilogue that highlights that innocent mark of middle school, but one that is poignant to anyone growing up.  Good Boys is a comedy that doesn’t do anything original, but gives you a sense of fun through relevancy.  If you’re a fan of raunchy comedies, this is one for you.  It is available on Blu-Ray and HBOMax, but it would be a fun time at theaters.

Full Score – 3.5 out of 5 (Matinee)

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