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IT: Chapter Two – Clowning Around with Story

Pennywise is a well-known by horror fans.  No matter if it is the Stephen King novel IT, TV series from the 90s or the most current film iteration, this clown has become an icon.  For better or worse, it has created a sense of anticipation for the second film.  IT: Chapter Two is a horror sequel that manages to be a mixed bag of enjoyment.  For every great moment, there was a lot of missteps.  IT: Chapter Two is a fitting end for Pennywise the Clown.

The story picks up 27 years later, where the group of friends known as The Losers must make their way back to Derry and finish off the terrifying clown.  Within this basic outline, it sets the stage for two things:

  1. Pennywise ‘Clown/Horror’ Scenarios
  2. Childhood Flashbacks for The Losers

These two items provide the central element to the story.  Having The Losers coming back into town after such a long absence, they have forgotten what happened when they were kids.  This narrative causes a lot of predictable elements when it comes to the genre.  The director spends a lot of time repeating scenarios of exposition, creating a sense where methodical characterization and plot development would have worked well.  You are forced down a linear path where it becomes a ‘house of horror’ like trope.  This creates a feeling where a lot of the creative kills and scenarios between Pennywise and The Losers become cliché driven and mind numbing.   

Even with a disoriented plot, the atmosphere and Pennywise (himself) manages to keep the journey enjoyable.  You are always left with an ominous tone, knowing that there is a chance they won’t make it out alive.  Once the story moves into its third act, it becomes a tug-a-war game between The Losers and Pennywise.  This leads to a climax where the characters must learn how to fight their fears, creating a scenario that is welcomed but predictable.  IT: Chapter Two is a horror sequel that does enough to entertain but doesn’t strike the chord of being a standout for the genre.  In the end, if you’re a fan of the first, this property or enjoy horror films, this is one for you.  Definitely a fun time at the theaters, worth at least seeing at a matinee.   

Full Score – 3.5 out of 5 (Matinee)

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