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King Richard – Tennis of the Heart: A Father’s Love

To tell stories is to open our hearts to endearment.  The aspect of connection springs a sense of relativity, stroking the marks of everyday within a magical touch.  Within film, building a memorable journey can lead to an inspiration tale.  In this review, I look at a film that shows strength of perseverance.  Inspired by real events, this is a story of meaningful places of family and love.  With a strong lead, King Richard is a raw tale that showcases the strength of love a father has for his kids. 

The film centers around Richard Williams (Will Smith), a man with an aspiring plan for his daughters.  With a steadfast focus, he plans to make Venus and Serena the greatest tennis stars in the world.  From the onset, the directive is to infuse true story elements with inspirational thematic appeal.  The foundation has basic roots, but the enthralling aspects of genuine traits allows for the father/daughter dynamic to raise above the genre.  From the beginning, you see Richard be a coach, role model, marketing agent and strong father figure.  As the story moves along, each scene showcases a reflection of raw humanism in endearing moments.  Through an onlooker’s perspective, you see a man be the structure of certainty in a world of constant hardship.  From neighborhood gangs, unruly neighbors and shunning from the tennis world, the fragility of life is coated with a father’s love.  From conversations of his childhood to instilling a sense of humility after matches, you get a homely comfort within emotional worth.  The balancing act between characterization, thematic appeal and familial conversation provides a heartfelt journey of utmost personal feels.  For all that is happening (around them), it is the poignant connection within the Williams household that raises this journey to being much more than a typical inspirational tale.

As he pushes his daughters through each challenge, the aspect of control and trust starts to shine a light on the fragility of nature vs nurture.  Richard sees the promising future for his girls, but what kind of spotlight should they be allowed to shine under?  The struggle becomes a matter of consequence, revealing the onus of what is a reflection on himself.  Between being a coach and father leads him to a crossroads, creating strife that becomes monumental moments.  Scenes are built upon obvious tropes, but they move beyond clichés because of the realistic approach of fatherhood.  The heaviness is in conversations, which provides a wholesome of proof in the final act.  When everything comes to head, it is climax of meaningful gratification for the William’s sisters.  King Richard is an inspirational tale that sails beyond its foundation.  If you are a fan of Will Smith, true story tales or good family films, this is one for you.  This is worth seeing on the big screen.    

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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