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Marriage Story – Love Apart: Devotion and Family  

At the heart of every film is its characters.  Escaping into their world, no matter how real or fantastical, can bring about an escape of wonders for the audience.  Within, you see their strengths and flaws while understanding their purpose.  Seeing their journey is truly gratifying.  In this latest indie on Netflix, Marriage Story takes you on a journey that is an endearing but bittersweet tale of a couple’s life together and apart.  Through strong dialogue, this film brings about what it means to be real.  Marriage Story is an indie that gives you a real journey of the heart.

The story follows Charlie (Adam Driver) and Nicole (Scarlet Johansson) through the ups and downs of marriage, divorce and family.  The simplistic tale of relationships allows for the director to put a solemn look on the main characters.  At its core, the characterization of these two individuals showcases the melancholy of hope, swirling the fragility that is within the ideas of love and human devotion.  From the candid interactions to the about face dialogue, you have a satirical sensation that becomes honest in the portrayal of their marriage.  The rawness is riveting because of the subtle details of conversational progression.  No matter if its Charlie and Nicole interacting with their stage company, lawyers or even family members, it brings to light a sincerity that makes every romantic element push beyond predictability and feel wholesome to the core.  Driver and Johansson embody the ideals of heartful charm and fragile guise.  You see their focus is on maintaining a strong family because of their son, but the oddities that drive them together also drive them apart.  In that clash, it brings forth an abstraction of love that layers purpose in their obscure decisions throughout the film.  The ups and downs help progress development, but it also brings a reflection upon what they see in themselves within dramatic sequences.

As the story progresses, it deeply weaves together the layers of their relationships while showcasing individuality.  The emotional worth brings the simplicity of the plot to the forefront, allowing for unexpected moments to feel more than just convenient plot points.  As you reach the end of the film, the circling of what really brings them together is in the poignant detail of honest reflection.  The climax brings idea of first to last, making everything that is truly important all more real for the audience.  Marriage Story is an indie that brings about context, ideas and themes that are strong because of its main characters.  It is a drama that is wholesome in an ironic way.  If you’re a fan of indies or like good character films, this is one for you.  It is available on Netflix so go check it out.     

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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