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Mary Poppins Returns – A Return of a Childhood Classic

Imbued in the excitement of seeing something from your childhood reborn is that feeling of nostalgia.  No matter if it’s music, film or TV, that idea of a return will bring a smile to your face.  One of the big things that Disney has been doing is bringing back a lot of their classics.  Through reimaging or sequels, you get a sense of renewed visions through a modern take.  Having a return to certain worlds is one that is met with awe and caution.  Here, we have a tale that plays along the beats of typical family elements, but one that blends with a classical taste of film.  Through a reintroduction to a beloved character, Mary Poppins Returns is a film that shows that a childhood can always ring true forever.

Through all the whimsical situations and the profound set pieces, what makes this story worth watching is the titular character.  Mary Poppins (Emily Blunt), is brought to life with a vigorous but astute vision, creating a person that is honest, pure but self-aware.  When she comes into the lives of the Banks family, she brings about a curiosity to some, and a welcome addition to others.  The delicate balance between the imaginative alongside the reality of the situation shows the strength in Blunt’s acting ability.  She ingrains herself into the role, bringing about joy to a character with a lot of mystery.  Going between drama and the musicals, she provides the anchor to create a transition between those scenes.  The quips are genuine, and the life lessons are sincere.  She uses subtlety in her decisions to bring the Banks’ to the truth.  What you learn is the Banks’ are on the brink of losing their home, and they must find a way to save it.  Because of Mary Poppins and some general plot points, you have a sense of classical directive in the storytelling. 

Beyond the musical quips (throughout the film) and the general plot (introduced in the first act), what makes the film a fun ride is that classical feel created through the direction.  What you have is a basic tale of ‘family drama’ infused with what Mary Poppins brings with her odd sensibilities.  That infused detail shines a light on the dialogue, giving characterization to the journey.  Even if there are noticeable one-note characters, a lot of predicable circumstances and obvious refences to the original, the direction invests your time into the world.  You see the Banks’ try to make the best of everything, the extravagance of the musicals and the ‘coming together’ climax with a sensible acceptance.  You have an idea that ‘it will be ok’ but aren’t completely sure how (until the end).  The film provides closure through a hopeful look on life, giving a full circle approach to all of Poppins’ antics throughout the film.  Mary Poppins Return might not be as grand as the original, but it does a lot to play homage to that classic style of filmmaking.  From a strong lead to some amazing musical set pieces, this is a fun film.  For all fans and people looking for a film for the family, this is one for you.

Final Score – 3.5 out of 5 (Matinee)

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