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Nobody – Angry Dad with Skills … It’s a Family Thing

A bit gravitas, even in the familiar.  This is a feeling that comes within action films.  Within this genre, there is a plethora of copycats.  To spin a tale with a few changes can work wonders, especially within the action genre.  In this review, I look at a film that pushes the limits of the genre through a uniquely grounded way.  With an auspicious tone and intuitive characters, Nobody is a visceral story that shows why … you don’t mess with a man’s family.

The story follows a man just trying to live a normal life.  After an incident drives his instincts out, he must save his family by living the glory days of his shadowed past.  Central to the film is what I call ‘mystery of the limelight’.  The directive plants the basics of action within its foundation but pushes forward with a realistic perspective within the ‘main character with a checkered past’ trope.  You begin the film with an introduction to the main character, Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk).  The audience watches a man just trying to live the typical father/husband life.  Through an early montage, you get to see the monotony wearing him out within a ‘9 to 5’ routine.  Through interactions with his wife/children/co-workers, it leads to crack in this façade, revealing that there is more to the man than what is on the surface.  This all changes through a series of events that trigger the ‘mystery’ coming into the ‘limelight’.  He struggles with wanting to act on his true self and not revealing it to his family.  That all changes on a specific night on a bus (key incident), which reveals his presence to the city’s criminal underground.  As everyone is coming after him, it leads down a path of predictability within a unique allure to the ‘saving the family’ trope.  From this point, the film becomes a whimsical display of one-on-one combat and gun fights scenes.  The attitude of the ‘everyday’ guy being more creates a grounded dynamic that enthralls the ongoing violence.    

As Hutch clashes with the criminals, the subtle nature of one-liners and high-octane action provides an adrenaline rush to the journey.  The predictability aspects are brought through self-awareness, creating a journey that is auspicious but enjoyable to the core.  Through the perspective of the ‘family man’, it continually creates the alluring nature that baffles in chaos.  The unexpected encounters drive expectations, allowing scenes to rise above the typical action of the genre.  Even with shoot outs and car chases, it continually feels authentic.  As you head into the final act, everything comes to head in the ultimate action set piece that blends the familiar with the unique bravado of this premise.  This leads to an action-oriented climax, leading to a closure of a chapter with hopes of more to come.  Nobody is a action film that plays within the familiar to create something unique in its own right.  With a strong lead and intuitive fights, this is one that will be enjoyed by plenty.  If you are a fan of action with a unique twist, this is one for you.  This is a fun time at theaters.        

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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