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Ralph Breaks the Internet – Breaking High Speeds with Friendship

The trait of any story is its everlasting effect.  This can come through emotions, escapes or visual prowess.  Regardless, it will make you remember the story.  Disney is known for the everlasting effect.  There animated tales use a mixture of all the above.  They can take any tale and create a genuine spectacle.  With this next installment of the Wreck-It Ralph series, Disney manages to balance that spectacle while staying true to its characters.  Masked in animated hijinks and generalization of society, the endearing bond of friendship will hit that chord of an everlasting moment.

The sequel finds Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) having to navigate the vast world of the Internet.  On a mission to save Sugar Rush, the story emphasizes every aspect of a Disney featured film.  From the strong visuals to the ambiguous nature of the cast, you’re quickly engrossed by the film’s version of the Internet.  Within the first half, the direction layers a simple journey through common character moments.  This creates a window through the thematic approach of allegories of social interactions online.  By adding colorful dynamics, it allows for a connection between the characters, their mission and the audience.  The underlining tones of ‘what is friendship’ seeps through Ralph and Vanellope’s interactions with the unknown.  There is a lot of predictable beats of the ‘buddy’ trope, but their personalities create a window into their personal beliefs about friendship.  This leads to purposeful interactions between each encounter on their mission.  This adds weight to the simple plot, providing exposition to typical social norms.  The fictionalized world of Wreck-It Ralph shines a light on thematic detail of society, growth and insecurities.  This provides a human element to the animation, creating a layer of emotions to the visual spectacle.

The second half goes deeper into who is Ralph and Vanellope.  The characterization of friendship through is heightened by the deeper complexities of the internet, bringing about meaningful dialogue that strikes an obviousness through poignant realism.  Even with heavy foreshadowing and individual reflections, the fragile sense between the main characters gives brevity to their bond.  The climax is everything you’d expect but has a little more emotional weight than a typical ‘Happily Ever After’ epilogue.  Ralph Breaks the Internet plays with a lot of animated tropes while managing to smooth the edges to create a genuine sequel.  This is another Disney animated film that gives you an everlasting effect.  See this in theaters.

Final Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)


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