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Revival of Classics: A Gamer’s Delight


The world of gaming has defined most of my childhood days.  From iconic mascots like Mario and Sonic, fighting classics like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, to current reigning series like Assassins Creed and Call of Duty, there have been many amazing adventures to escape to for a gamer like me.  I have played many of these games; which have provided hours of entertainment.  From playing Madden matches with my brother, Halo nights on Friday’s with high school friends to the many years of questing with close comrades in Lord of the Rings Online, those times provide a wealth of stories that you look back on with fondness.  These kinds of memories strike a chord for many gamers, creating a thought of wanting to relive the past.

With the continued evolution of the industry, game companies recognize that thought and try to find new ways to reinvent old titles.  With updated graphics, new systems and the advent of broadband, the idea of ‘revisiting the classics’ is a relevant risk.  Returning to those imagination with new technology can bring back to life those memories in astonishing ways.  As I grow older, I do sit and think about past games that I use to play from my childhood/teenage years.  From the original Pokémon to classic RPGs on the first PlayStation, to return to them has become a reality.  Since the dawn of the 21st century, each new system has brought the capacity to expand on old classics.  Some of the notable titles to be remade in the last few years:


Resident Evil – GameCube (2002)

Pokémon (FireRed/LeafGreen) – Gameboy Advance (2004)

NBA Jam – Wii (2010)

Doom – PS4/Xbox One (2016)

Shadow of the Colossus – PS4 (2017)


You can see that the path for reviving video games is prudent.  It is something that many in the gaming community look forward to with newer consoles (Xbox One/PS4/Switch).  With the recent news that Capcom plans to release a Resident Evil 2 remake in 2019 (GameRadar), it brings joy but cynicism towards this kind of reveal.  That question is, why should studios invest in older titles?  No matter how great it is to play remakes, the obvious fact becomes a money situation.  As reported by Michael Leri, “When asked about its potential sales, Capcom responded by saying that it is expected to be a ‘million-seller’,” (GameRevolution).  Along with profit margins, remaking classic video games can have an endearing effect on older gamers.  With decades of titles, there is added purpose on revisiting classics.  As stated by Neil Brannigan, “They perform well with critics despite their age, generate more profits for companies and are often loved by fans” (BrigNews).  Hearing rumblings from the community, developers use new technology to redo old games like Crash Bandicoot (2017) and Pokémon (2018).  This provides a path where joy comes in various way for all gamers.


Old Gamer’s Thought

As a long-time gamer, finding a reason to go back to old games can cause trepidation.  As much as I enjoyed playing Final Fantasy 8, Metal Gear Solid and Ninja Gaiden, I enjoy putting time into new entries like The Witcher 3, Persona 5 and Assassins Creed: Origins.  The constant barrage of different contents is overwhelming, but at the heart of the experience is that innate thought of escape.  Reliving that can generate a new everlasting moment.  In any case, you feel good to play something you haven’t touched in 10 plus years.  For all the notions of ‘creative drought’, the revival of classics does have its merits.  I believe these two reasons for remaking old games are a great thing for the industry:

Re-vamping Gameplay/Visuals/Mechanics – The great thing about remasters or remakes is that it unlocks a game’s potential.  Even with the affection I have playing on the PlayStation, there were many limitations.  With new consoles comes a way for developers to revamp gameplay, update character design, divulge deeper into storytelling and recreate bland worlds to be amazingly detailed.  Like the reimaging of Doom and Shadow of the Colossus, having it updated brings new life into the experience.

New journey – Remakes give a new journey for a classic tale.  No matter if it’s reliving the arcade experience, racing on a colorful course or going toe-to-toe in a fighting arena, that new journey gives a breath a fresh air; a new playthrough for the wider community.  From the generations that haven’t played old school RPGs or shooters, to the older ones that want to relive the past, this new journey is the middle ground for both their experiences.  By remaking classic titles like Mortal Kombat, Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid, it helps add levels of excitement and joy.  Those everlasting thoughts become real, creating that love all gamers find in amazing titles.


Closing Thoughts

From the most recent re-release of the Crash Bandicoot games to the upcoming remakes of Spyro, Resident Evil 2 and Final Fantasy VII, remakes provide a window of opportunity to relive memories on a whole other level.  From updating the graphics/gameplay and storytelling to having a new journey for the next generation, reliving the classic games can reinvigorate a passion within.  Sitting down and grabbing that controller for the next gen console, I only ponder what game will make its grand return.  No matter if it is an old school shooter or a fantasy RPG, I look forward to reliving my childhood once again.

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