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Safe – 3.5/5 – Jason Statham; he is the standard for an action film actor now a days in America. Aside from Asian superstars Jet LI’s and Donnie Yens, he brings his own flavor to action in the movies.  For this movie, he does
just that, and stamps it like Jason always does, kicking ass in awesome fashion.  Even for all the cliché, over the top and maybe convoluted script that occurs, it is entertaining to see Mr. Statham lay that hammer on people.

Set in New York City, Statham plays a former elite agent for the NYC police, who gets tied up in between police corruption in the city’s Triads and mafia war.  During this intervening, Statham takes on a mission:

Rescue a Chinese girl who has been abducted by the Triads, and also unravel the mysterious numbers the Chinese girl, Mei, knows and use it to take down the gangs and police.

Let’s just start off by why this movie gets high marks from me and general, the public audience.  It is Statham; particularly him and his ass kicking throughout the film.  You know from the start of the movie he is going to whoop ass, and take names.  Thankfully, there is a no holds bar momentum from about the fifteen minute mark till the end.  While the movie progresses through this ass kicking, the plot becomes very convoluted, and makes you shake your head.  This plot is overly stricken by the typical triad and mafia gangs running around, shooting and killing stupidly and unprofaned.  They do this while they try to get their hands on Mei.

For the awesome fights, and action sequences, you are fully aware of these deficiencies in this film.  Action films tend to have a lot of just characters placed in certain places to just die, get their ass kick or play typical action roles.  The action roles are that some can fight, play the right hand man, play corrupt cops, or play top political figures with something to loose.  The predictability made the film ridiculous a lot of the times (I shook my head like what the hell).  Even for this atrocious drawback, Statham ass kicking still keeps you on your seats.

Even for a lot of cars crashes, fight scenes, shootouts and straight typical cliché action elements … you are very entertained throughout the film.  I have said this before many times; a movie can have a standard script, convenient plot devices and obvious characters, but if the direction of this combination brings out entertaining values or an on your seat kind of reactions, it can be half decent.  In this explanation, Safe is a very entertaining popcorn action flick.  I would recommend fans of action films, grab this and add it to your collection.  This movie makes for a good party movie.

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