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Scream VI – Killer of the Mask Renewed: A Big Apple Treat

In the world of film, one thing that reigns supreme is franchises.  Through a continued journey, it can bring fans together for expanded adventures.  No matter the genre, franchises provide a path of mystery … good or bad.  With each sequel, you always have that indelible feeling of wanting to know … what comes next.  In this review, I look at the next film in a long running horror franchise.  Taking a step outside its normal confines, this next iteration provides a whirlwind of new possibilities.  Even with a trite and true formula, Scream VI is a bloody thriller that will have you wondering … is the killer really behind the mask?

After the events of the previous film, we find the Carpenter sisters (and crew) have moved to New York City.  The group hopes to start a new life, until old terrors strike again.  With a new Ghostface killer out for blood … will they be able to survive in the Big Apple.  To begin this review, it is worth stating that with any entry (in the Scream franchise), there is a certain degree of acceptable ‘rules’ to the horror sandbox.  From the ‘call the phone’ setup to the unrelenting use of ‘red herrings’, these common tropes are a staple in setting up the atmosphere of the film.  With this new entry, the setups are elevated with a direction that manages to change the concept of ‘who is’ the murderer.  In the beginning, Sam (Melissa Barrera) and Tara (Jenna Ortega) Carpenter moved with their friends to New York City.  Tara is attending college while Sam is there to be her sister’s ward and rediscover herself (after surviving the Woodsboro’s murders of 2022).  Everything seems to be going well, until a double homicide on the campus startles the group.  Through the common ‘Scream’ tropes, we watch a new Ghostface killer on the loose with a focused mission: to reveal the truth of Sam’s lust of killing and take out the Carpenter sisters and anyone associated with them.  As the mystery of ‘who is behind the mask’ begins, the similarities of the formula shifts.  What the group thinks is just another copycat soon realizes that the basic ‘mannerism’ goes against all the expected ‘horror’ themes (of the past).  The meta-aspect of the genre is reversed, creating that fear of the unknown.  As we head into the second act, this crash of expectations leads to scenes of gruesome killings and the unraveling of nerves.  By creating suspense through raw and visceral moments, this lifts the direction above the tropes.  This leads to a deeper revelation of concepts while actualizing the purpose in the pursuit of the Carpenter sisters.  As things slowly come into purview, the deeper connections made between Sam/Tara and the ongoing killings creates an enthralling enjoyment of the greater meta messaging of the genre.  

As things continue to unravel, things become a little shaky within the killer’s motives.  As scenes of suspense still excite, certain decisions leave the audience wanting more.  As the mystery comes undone, things become a little bit too ‘convenient’ within setups.  Even as things fall into the notion of plot armor, the unnerving tension keeps the emotional moments high.  At the peak of the Ghostface killer’s strength, we head into a third act of expected reveals and more gruesome kills.  As the who it moment comes, it leads to an ambiguous climax that will leave the possibilities of what may come next.  Scream VI provides new life in the franchise.  With more character moments (among the kills), there is a lot of fun here.  If you are a fan of the series, horror/thrillers or like to guess the killer, this is one for you.  I say that is definitely worth seeing at the theaters … Full Price.

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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