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The Blackening – Horror of Social Angst: Let’s Play …

What is it that makes a film great?  No matter the feeling, film always provides an experience that will have you laughing, crying, or believing in something.  Through all the creative antics, if it hits a certain way … it will define a great time at the theaters.  In this review, I look at the latest horror/comedy to hit the big screen.  A story that melds indifference within satire, it is a journey that becomes something of its own.  Even with a slow start, The Blackening is an interesting social commentary that strikes the knife to horror. 

The story revolves around seven friends heading out for a cabin getaway.  With hopes for a fun weekend, everything turns dire.  With their lives on the line, will the group find a way to survive or become victims to the unknown.  On the surface, this film feels like another typical parody of the genre.  In the beginning, through the drop-in method, we are given a general layout of the ‘scenario, threat and mystery’ through the familiar slasher tropes.  Once the overall construct is completed, the directive moves slowly to introduce (the audience) to our main characters.  Through expositional dialogue, we learn the group went to college together, marking this occasion as a 10-year reunion.  After more fun character antics, witty dialogue, and convenient plot driven moments, they come across a game room in the cabin.  Once in the room, they learn their getaway was actually a trap, and the only way to survive is to play a home-made game: The Blackening.  Once they begin to play, the familiarity of the genre starts to fade, leaving the filmmakers to weave a story that becomes self-aware of the moment.  With each move made (in the game), the journey begins to blend social commentary within a satirical aspect on the concept of horror storytelling.  With each scene, the alluring threat leaves the group to face fate with strong/witty like decisions.  With the constituted mystery in a smartly written script, it brings about folly and circumstance within raw reactions, leaving the audience to fall within a hope of their own survivability.  This creates a genuine experience, leaving to another film redefining the genre. 

As the friends begin to piece together the truth, it continues to provide a satirical look through social commentary.  Each scene is woven with honest but comedic antics, building up the moments through unpredictability.  As the group finally recognizes the purpose of the game, this leads to a third that continues to break the norms (of the genre).  With the revelation coming to light, we head to a satisfying but convenient climax and epilogue.  The Blackening is a film that becomes something more than its premise.  With a strong script and an about face on horror, there is fun to be had.  If you are a fan of horror/comedies, social commentaries, or satirical films, this is one for you.  I say it is worth the full price of admission. 

Full Score – 4 out of 5 (Full Price)

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