The Draw of Tom Cruise – The Ry Perspective

The Draw of Tom Cruise



In the world of film, there are many ways people are drawn to the big screen.  From the prominent names (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings), specific genres (Boxing, Coming-of-Age) or person behind the camera (James Cameron, Wes Anderson), there are plenty of reasons to go watch a movie.  No matter what grabs our attention, the adoration that molds our interests is a cornerstone of the movie theater experience.  One thing that can draw us is the person acting in the film.  From all-time greats like Marlon Brando, Charlton Heston and Katharine Hepburn, to current stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Gosling, these people provide that unique admiration that have fans yearning for their next project.  One that has been a standout for over three decades is actor Tom Cruise.  A person of many talents, he has entertained us through many characters on the big screen.  His prominence is not without fault, but even through rough years, he found a way to shine bright.  That consistency can make anyone wonder, what is the draw?  No matter which decade it has been, Tom Cruise has always found a way to bring top notch acting to every kind of film out there.


The Beginning (1980s)

The 1980s is where Cruise begin his film career.  A young actor, he came out of the gate strong with many standout films.  No matter if he was a lead or in a supporting role, he garnered the attention of movie goers and critics.  Some of the strong films from this decade are:

Top Gun, Risky Business, The Color of Money, Rain Man, Born on the Fourth of July, All the Right Moves

The Rising Star (1990s)

With the prior decade showcasing what could be, the 1990s provide a path for a rising star.  From action to drama, Cruise led the way with strong acting, showing how far reaching his talents could go.  Some of the notable films from this decade are:

Days of Thunder, A Few Good Men, Mission: Impossible, Jerry Maguire, Magnolia, Eyes Wide Shut

The Cemented Status (2000s)

Through two decades, his consistency continued into the millennium with a stamp of greatness.  Becoming one of the biggest names in the industry, Cruise continued in the early 2000s with strong performances that propelled his stardom.  Some of the renowned films from this decade are:

Minority Report, Collateral, Mission: Impossible III, Tropic Thunder, The Last Samurai, Vanilla Sky


He continues to display strong appeal into the current decade.  As of today, his films have grossed 9 billion plus worldwide (BoxOfficeMojo).  Through that pristine thought of what is being adapted, created or portrayed on the big screen, he has found himself in a delightful situation that makes him an icon.  Through it all, how has he managed to stay strong and consistent.  Through his filmography, it indicates that he can perform under any circumstance.  Having watched these films, there is a persistent thread that draw in many fans.


The Draw – Hook

From genre to story, that initial appeal becomes the ‘hook’, which creates the platform for Cruise.  From this entry point, the layers of entertainment leads into endearing traits that provide a keen reflection of consistency.  With his huge catalog filled with box office success and critical acclaim, I believe there are three endearing traits that are the reason for the draw of Tom Cruise:

The Draw – Endearing Traits

Charm/Charisma – No matter how he appears to be, the one thing Cruise can do is provide that suaveness on the big screen.  No matter if he is outwitting the police in Minority Report or being sinisterly stoic in Collateral, that aura of intrigue provides excitement to the audience.  That aura adds a complexity to the role, showing a reflection of humanistic appeal that hooks you through the full journey.

Taking Risks – One of the big things that Cruise is known for is taking risk.  Those risk could be through stunts or roles.  He is well known to do his own stunts, which draws people into the theater for any new Mission: Impossible sequel.  On the opposite side, when daring to take on risky roles in films like Edge of Tomorrow or Tropic Thunder, it shows he is willing to go beyond his comfort zone to build his skill set and entertain the masses.

Staying True to Himself – There is an uncanniness to being in front of a camera.  A bravado of style and sophistication can be leveled with a lens, revealing who is cautious or weary.  No matter what story is being told, Cruise stays true in front of the camera.  You feel ‘him’ in each role, taking the stage with a presence that is concise but flawed.  That contrast reflects in layers, brought out through the subtlety of mannerisms, line delivery and interactions.  This helps him grow but also brings out the best of everyone around him.  This is very true in films like American Made, Jerry McGuire and The Firm.


Closing Thoughts

There are many things that will draw fans to the theater, but having a great person in the role can be the highlight of that experience.  Tom Cruise might seem a bit odd at times, but three decades plus in the industry has provided fans with many entertaining films.  No matter which films you have seen, there are some that becoming endearing to the heart.  In that feeling, it provides that spark that draws you to Tom Cruise.  He is a man, of many talents.  Let’s hope there is more to come from this great actor.

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