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The Equalizer 3 – A Man of Mystery in Italy: The Final Chapter

In the journey of one, there is an eventual place of peace.  In that peace, what is to be expected?  This is a question that has many answers, especially in the world of film.  In an experience of passing time, it is up to the audience to say … that was a fitting conclusion.  In this review, I look at the third film in a popular action franchise.  A man marked with many talents, this final chapter is a mix bag of character and story cliches.  Even with a simplistic story, The Equalizer 3 provides a fitting conclusion for the man of many talents, Robert McCall. 

In this third chapter, Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) finds himself caught in the crosshairs of peace and tragedy.  With one final mission, McCall must use his skills to save the innocents once more.  On the surface, the outline is your basic action film, but built around the ‘man of mystery’ trope.  In the beginning, the filmmakers showcase McCall’s talents before thrusting the audience (through convenient plot devices) into the main story thread.  Through this slow-building prologue, we learn that McCall has been traveling through Italy (for unknown reasons) and settles down in a small Italian coastal town.  From here, we head into a first act that adds levity to the journey.  Within a foreshadowing guise, the action tropes are leveled with a degree of characterization and general conversation.  The humanistic overtures provide realism to the relationships formed, creating an emotional attachment between McCall and the residents.  As he becomes part of the community, McCall becomes aware of the Mafia’s sinister dealings in the shadows.  This leads to a second act of one-dimensional villains, stylized action sequences and moments of guile (from our main character).  The mix bag of storytelling and action moments shows the creative handcuffs of being third chapter in a film franchise.

As McCall slowly dismantles the sinister elements (in the seaside town), the connective tissues (from the beginning) start to come to the forefront.  This leads to a simmering of characterization, moving the journey towards the expected confrontation.  As McCall’s mysterious puzzle (of being Italy) comes together, it leads into a third act of stylized action, allegorical references, and self-discovery.  With everything coming full circle (climax), it heads into that expected closure for McCall and the franchise.  The Equalizer 3 is that third chapter that provides a fitting end within the action genre.  If you are a fan of Denzel Washington, the franchise or action films, this is one for you.  Either way, this can be a fun time on the big screen. 

Full Score – 3.5 out of 5 (Matinee)

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